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dissolution of eternity.. issues with the lift

recently i start play the second mission pack of quake, the dissolution of eternity
startly i find problems with the plasma gun: he in 95% of shots stays statics and not move. i downloaded a pack with ic files resolved the problem..
in the r1m7 map, tomb of overlord after i killed the first ~20 monsters i see the lift when i go into it and pressioned the button (with an red arrow pointed up) the lift don't move.
any with this problem resolved it??

#2 2015-05-05 14:12:56


Re: dissolution of eternity.. issues with the lift

It depends on the port you are using regarding your issues. I play DoE with FitzQuake Mk V and never had any problem like that.

You can try with the nail position fix from QuakeOne forums. The pack for DoE includes a fix for the R1M7 elevator which may solve your problem. I am not sure however whether it requires you to play the map again from the beginning for the fix to take effect.

#3 2015-05-07 22:06:33


Re: dissolution of eternity.. issues with the lift

Another time i test it!!! I complete the map using rocket jumping.. me playing in hard but i did not have difficulty to win it . The problem was the plasma gun,  i downloaded a fix for it and the lift.
Thank for help..Lol

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