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#1 2016-07-16 14:31:51


Quake Expo 2016 is live

Quake Expo 2016 is an online exposition of Quake and Quake-related content, with each virtual booth being devoted to a different project. Today marks the official opening of the expo.

qbism writes:

The quality and diversity of booths created so far is amazing, and more are being created!  There is still plenty of time to set up your own.  Registration is open throughout the Expo.

Soon booth updates will be published (already a couple pending!) and there will be a menu item for that.  Booth previews will be phased out.  If a booth isn’t finished, the preview becomes a placeholder.

Now hit the Booth tab and check out the projects.

Quake Expo 2016 will run until the 30th of July.

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