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Funny things you tried in Quake

I just downloaded Katy Perry's 'Firework' and named it track02.It was a bit funny(to me).
Imagine this:A woman singing "Do you ever feel,like a plastic bag" in the background while being a total boss with shotguns and rockets and stuff.It was kinda funny for me.

Do you guys know anything else you find funny? (My english may not be that understandable or stuff;just tell me funny stuff you did with quake or funny music)

-Ijazz(Ijaaz Ahmed)

#2 2016-09-26 04:23:35

Lane Powell

Re: Funny things you tried in Quake

Your English is fine!

I haven't really tried anything like that, but it gives me the idea to do the same thing you did, but with some Perc Trax, Sandwell District, or Downwards Records tracks--although a same effect could be achieved by making a playlist in Foobar and running it in the background while playing Quake. :P

#3 2016-10-08 09:39:27


Re: Funny things you tried in Quake

Quake football. On cooperative mode, your friend is idling (fetching a beer or visiting toilet) and you start boosting him around the map or towards the exit while protecting him from monsters.

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Re: Funny things you tried in Quake

Whit AdQuake I could split out the sound channels that were used.
It was DOS Quake then, nowadays it's not possible (or hardly) to get a viewscreen of the several sounds compared to each other.
I knew I was surprised to see all the different hums, calls and monstersounds straight along and through each other.
I replaced the ogre sounds with my own low brumming throat hurting call: "I'm Shrek great 's grandfather".
Every time while playing I got a dry mouth, so I stopped it.

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