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New Q1SP releases by Qmaster and xld

Qmaster has dug up and released five old(er) maps he made in 2008-2016:

Shrine of the Fiends
A very small level based on E4M3, mostly populated by fiends.


Ire and Abbeys
A very small ruined cathedral with a graveyard and arena combat based off a Scottish castle seen in some magazine.


Stalwart Stone
Small level based on E4M4: The Ebon Fortress, originally made for some abandoned mod.


Return to Limbo - I
Medium-sized "hipmetal" level for Quake Mission Pack No. 1 - Scourge of Armagon, featuring lightning gun combat against Vores and Scourges.


Thunderbold Proving Grounds I
Medium-sized green metal map with lightning gun-focused combat.


And there's a new map by xlarve called xlarve's dream

A large metal/runic/mixed-texture dungeon with relentless arena combat in small rooms and tight corridors, 500+ monsters in total. "For experienced players"!


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