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#1 2018-06-20 00:44:15


id1 Wads per map

[MODS: feel free to add this zip to the Quaddicted files/wads directory.]

I've uploaded the id1 wads per map for use with the original Quake map source files.

Link: …

From the readme:

These are individual wads for each of the maps in the orginal Quake.

I created these for two reasons. First, as an easy way to load a particular
wad while reviewing the original map sources.

Secondly, for new mappers, as a way to limit the amount of textures one can use in a map. This helps prevent using textures of a different theme in a given map which can look unpolished and sloppy.

I've included an additional wad file called "clip_trigger" to augment the wads that are missing those textures.

Feel free to point new mappers to this resource!

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