#1 2012-05-10 15:37:16


Quakespasm and Nehahra

Does anybody know why Quakespasm fails to launch Nehahra? I get the error dialog: sprites/explode1.spr32 has wrong version number (32 should be 1). Is Quakespasm not capable of running Nehahra?


#2 2012-05-10 16:17:10


Re: Quakespasm and Nehahra

Nehahra uses a few special engine hacks and therefore requires its own engine. Regular source ports aren't capable of running it.
There's a modified and enhanced Glquake-based Nehahra engine by Bengt Jardrup; Darkplaces supports it, too. And I believe DirectQ has limited support as well, but there's no guarantee it'll work without problems.

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