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New interloper with a question

I'm a game-player, writer and musician, three hobbies which seem to overlap more often than not.

Got into Quake 1 about 10 years ago when I was feeling hungry for atmospheric FPS games that had strong singleplayer campaigns.  Needless to say I got hooked on the original four episodes -- and quickly ended up looking for more content.  So I've played a number of maps and map packs from sites like this one.  It even got me more interested in industrial metal.
For the last few weeks I've been really enjoying playing with the officially remastered version, even though I still keep a couple of sourceports handy for the things it can't do.  It's certainly useful to have something like this when I just want a co-op game where I can spend more time playing than setting up :D

And now, I have mod a project of my own, but it's not really map related.  Essentially, I saw the new "Dimension of the Machine" levels that came with the rerelease, I noticed that they didn't have a unique soundtrack of their own, and I thought of how fun and challenging it could be to make one for them.

This brings me to my quandary.  I'm looking for places where I can announce and/or release a mod that doesn't involve any new maps at all, and where it's not going to get immediately buried in a mountain of other forum topics.  It's fine with me if people just don't like it, but I would like it to at least have a chance to get that far.
So, my question-- is this site is an appropriate place to release my project, and are there any other good places where it might have a chance to get seen?

I'll get myself an appropriate image when I get home today.  I plan to stick around here a little while and find some more new stuff to try, whether or not it turns out to be a good place for my project :)

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Re: New interloper with a question

I think it would make sense to post about it on any Quake-related place that you can (including this forum, why not)? For example Slipgate - A Quake Tribute Album I've only seen mentioned in a couple of places.

Maybe your music (if allowed) would also end up used in other mappacks or mods, like it happened with Waning Madness: A Soundtrack for Quake which was used in quite recently released episode "Squire of Time".

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Re: New interloper with a question

Unfortunately the inside3d/insideqc modding site was lost over the past few years. I would definitely suggest posting on https://www.quakeone.com/, it is not that active anymore but was always very open to modding.

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Neofelis nightmarus

Re: New interloper with a question

Yeah, I'm used to sites on old games that don't have so much activity ;)

And if folks do end up liking it, I'd be happy to let them use it so long as they let me know first.

It's still probably going to be a couple weeks before I finish the last few tracks, but I'll make a more detailed announcement thread here soon.

Thanks very much!

EDIT: going to make a project announcement thread.  Since there's nothing to release yet aside from a couple of sample tracks, I'll keep it on this board.

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Neofelis nightmarus

Re: New interloper with a question

Likely going to release this thing tomorrow :)
Will make a new thread when I do.

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