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'Quake' gameplay recording

I have discovered there is way to record a 'Quake' gameplay, in a very effective and resource-sparing manner; that way, is to use a built-in 'idTech' recorder. It works flawlessly with "vkQuake" version "1.10.0-beta3", such that the console-time or menu-time, is not included in the actual footage. Very neat!

QuakeWiki explains well how to use the tool.

I have noticed, though, that using the "+record [filename]" option in the commandline - as part of a larger line, starting a custom map - does not work; neither keybindings, seem to do with the tool initiation. It appears, the recording, needs to be manually started from the console, only once the 'Quake' has been launched.

The recording tool, seems to base on the native game assets, therefore, it does not record sound, for example - at least, speaking of the soundtrack. I observed that if the soundtracks between 'Quake' versions differ, the recorded footage, simply will not feature it; which by itself, is interesting, that a replacement, is not respected. Other example, is with a gun position; the footage, uses the actual gun position, as defined in the "autoexec.cfg", which differed - for the sake of testing - between the recording and the playback.

Which means, the 'Quake' you are going to see, is the 'Quake' flavor you have.

// I suspect the footage, expects certain patterns to fit and if these misfit, there could be errors; therefore, I wonder how far can the modding go, before a modded game, will be unable to playback vanilla footages.

I wonder though about movement speed parameters; whether they do affect the footage matrix as well. In most circumstances, these, could make the difference between success and failure, minding the 'Quake' combat dynamics. If the footage uses - for example - modified native parameters, instead of those valid during the making of a footage, it should technically break the feasibility of a footage playback.

// confirmed the footage uses record-time physics

The 'QuakeWiki' mentions that the recorded gameplay, can be converted into an '.avi' file, assuming one has the required software background - but my question is, can a ".dem" file, be arbitrarily converted into any common video format - or is it simply a matter of externally recording a footage run natively by the 'Quake' engine? External recording of a playback footage, should be more resource-effective than to record an actual gameplay real-time.


If you start recording after a map start, you will need to hit "restart" in the console, as well, in order to go.

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