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20th anniversary in 2016

We have 2 years left until we should totally blow away the rest of the internet with the 20 years of Quake celebrations. So we better start planning, right? What should be done? What do YOU want to do?

My goal is to interview the whole Quake team similarly to how I already interviewed https://www.quaddicted.com/interviews/americanmcgee

I hope Daz will do a X Quake maps/mods in X minutes video. Maybe we could crowdsource that, I tried once but failed. Nowadays video is much easier to share and collaborate on.

What are your ideas how to get people together and make Quake Expo 2016 the greatest thing ever?

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Re: 20th anniversary in 2016

Have the very best mappers put together a Quake episode that will the best custom content ever created for Quake. It should also honor it's legacy and not stray from the the path Quake set out in the first place.

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Re: 20th anniversary in 2016

The #QuakeCon community is discussing this as well.  Next year, 2015, will be the '20th Annual' event.  Followed by 2016 being the '20th Anniversary' event.

Hopefully the next couple of years will be really productive for Quake/id history archaeology.

Keep up the awesome archive work, it is noticed.


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Re: 20th anniversary in 2016

Sequels to Nehahra or Travail would be nice for this occasion. However, matching the quality of the originals may be a bit hard and take a lot of work. They would need to start mapping pretty much now already... :P

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Re: 20th anniversary in 2016

Get Trent Reznor to make a Quake inspired track for Quake Expo 2016, maybe?

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Re: 20th anniversary in 2016

It's really incredible how long this game has lasted. I only just thought today 'wow, I  have nearly been playing this for 20 years!'   I have never stopped playing it either...  had breaks of a year or so here and there but I always go back to it and thoroughly enjoy myself.
My reasons for having another go recently were because my PS3 broke for the 129th time..    piece of crap...  I have come to realize that every game I have on the PS3 doesn't come close to Quake,  I got BF3 , GTA5 , COD...  all that stuff...   none of them are as much fun, they are all really good and look brilliant but they just haven't got the lasting playability, just a few hours ago I was literally elated when killing 5 Scrags and an Ogre with once bouncing grenade...   the bits of body and blood sprays might look dated but they made my day. 
I would be great to see something big developed for its anniversary just so long as its completely faithful..   
This website has become my 18th year celebration, I really am a quake addict and I can't thank you enough for creating it, it's the bomb! WELL DONE!

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