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Johnison Boa

Questions About PAK's

Im newer at directory's and folder manipulation, so im looking that the PAK is a compressed folder, and, I need a special program to open and extract it???...... IZarc does not supports it in my case...

Too Im looking that in GlQuake I wrote "game - mygame" and appears as unknown words, just fitzQuake support the PAKs?
With Makaqu happens it unknown word again...

If you can get me the Answers in just 1 comment, so much thanks!


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Re: Questions About PAK's

PAK is a custom file format. You will need a tool like QPed, QuArK or something like that.

For mod loading it's "-game mygame". See https://www.quaddicted.com/help/install … om_content

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Johnison Boa

Re: Questions About PAK's


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Johnison Boa

Re: Questions About PAK's

I put that commands in GLQuake and are unknown again

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Re: Questions About PAK's

What's the name of the pak you're trying to load?  Did you put the name of the pak or did you just put "my game"? 

Here's an example:  You want to load a pak called "smelly.pak". 

1)  Create a folder inside your Quake folder and name it "Smelly"
2)  Place the pak you want to load inside that folder

Don't put it inside you id1 folder.  Just inside the Quake folder alongside Makaqu.  Then do this:

1)  Create a shortcut for Makaqu (right click on the makaqu exe file and choose "Create Shortcut" from the menu
2)  Right click on the shortcut you've just made and then choose "Properties" from the menu
3)  Click the box labelled "Target".  You should see something like this:


4)  After the text leave a space then enter: "-game smelly"  (without the quotes).  It should look like this:

     "C:\Quake\Makaqu.exe" -game smelly

5)  Click on the Apply button

Now when you click on the shortcut the game will load along with the pak called smelly.  Of course, you should change the word "smelly" to whatever the pak is called.  If it was called "zebra" you would add the text "-game zebra" (remember without the quotes".

Hope that helps. :)

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Johnison Boa

Re: Questions About PAK's

LoL, So late answer, Sorry for that, now I have a hard disk and with joequake it really Works, finally, thanks :D

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