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Quake 1 Server Hosting?

Does anyone have any suggestions on hosting a Quake 1 server? Something that's affordable etc. I have found a ton of Quake 2 server hosting, but I'm looking to host a Coop Quake 1 server for the Quake Universe Facebook group. Should I use a VM? or should I just rent a box? The box would probably be the most expensive though... Anyone have any suggestions?!

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Re: Quake 1 Server Hosting?

I'm not a registered member here but I think I can help you.

I have just setup up a KTX server Claymore's KTX playground - Server 1

This server is running inside an OpenVZ container with Debian 8. It runs perfectly.
OpenVZ allows me to run many other instances of the mvdsv server, so it is not an issue to run more isntances.

This container gives me access to 1 core with 512MB of RAM with 20GB of SSD.
It has a limit of 250GB of traffic per month, which is more than required for Quake Servers.
It costed me €55 for 1 year.

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