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Recommend Mods!

I am wondering what good mods are out there. By mod I mean things that are drastically different from Quake.

Only recommend mods that run in a normal engine. And singleplayer only.

There are so many terrible, broken, ugly and stupid mods, I would really like to see some nice ones instead.

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Re: Recommend Mods!

TransloQuake, Spacewalk, Incas vs Pharaos.
QuakeRally, AirQuake, Prydon Gate, TAoV, Painkeep, Quess... all the classics.
Arcade Quake and/or TargetQuake; Kickflip and/or Slide; Lunkin's Journey; Raptors.
Maybe that arena-style mod by Willem...

I3D would be the ideal place to ask this question, e.g. here a list to start from.

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Re: Recommend Mods!

Played some AirQuake and it was much better than I remembered. Still bit meh with just a few levels and weird bounding boxes.

Slide rocks, I forgot to say I like to play that a lot.

Never managed to play Kickflip properly.

Incas vs Pharaos seems not too much fun. And it is a team game against bots, not what I would call SP.

Arcade Quake is DP only. So is TAoV, isn't it?

Played Raptors recently and ran into bugs that randomly killed me on both attempts. OKish otherwise, if only the raptors were animated in x too.

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Re: Recommend Mods!

Try Kickflip with quakespasm with the follwing command line "-game kickflip -noipx -listen 8 +map kfqstart" the add bots :)

Arcade quake should be considered a standalone due to the fact that works with an old darkplaces build and i think it's abandoned.

Raptors start with r and at the moment I'm done with q's.

Check e-mail m8.


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Re: Recommend Mods!

Navy SEALs by the creator of Counter-Strike is quite good. You need to kill terrorists that invaded a ship with realistic weapons with reloading.

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