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#1 2020-03-11 11:46:03


why on my server trigger_changelevel not work on all maps?

have server Mega TF Coop
any levels cant exit! Why?
only on start map, trigger_changelevel work


hostname "human[rus] Coop moscow [MegaTF]"
maxclients 10
maxspectators 4

rcon_password "xxfd3fgdfgfdfd4"

// COOP-Specific Parameters
set monster_takedamage         1
set monster_inflictdamage     1
set monster_respawndelay    25
set monster_throwrunes        .045
set monster_removebody        0
set monster_expmultiplier    1
//serverinfo monster_lives    3

localinfo telepads 1
localinfo tesla 0
samelevel 1
timelimit 0
deathmatch 0
coop 1
skill 3

gamedir fortress
sv_mapcheck 0
sys_restart_on_error 1    //
sv_gamedir fortress
allow_download_maps    1       
allow_download_sounds    1       
allow_download_models    1
serverinfo footsteps on
serverinfo airscout on
serverinfo exec_class on
serverinfo a 120
serverinfo sg on
serverinfo allowvote 1
exec listip.cfg
serverinfo n 0 //map cycle disable?
serverinfo autoteam off
localinfo respawn_delay -3
localinfo headkick off
serverinfo teamfrags off
sv_gravity 800
sv_waterfriction 1
sv_aim 1
watervis 0
samelevel 3
floodprot 10 1 1
teamplay 21?TeamFortress
//localinfo autoteam off
serverinfo prematch 0
serverinfo teamfrags off

localinfo    "fts"    "on"       
localinfo    "s"    "off"       
localinfo    "g"    "off"       
localinfo    "fe"    "on"       
localinfo    "ws"    "on"       
localinfo    "rd"    "-1"

serverinfo    "ec"    "on"       
serverinfo    "fpd"    "846"       
deathmatch    "3"           
sv_friction    4           
sv_highchars    1           
pausable    0           

localinfo svmsg1 450
localinfo svmsg2 450
localinfo svmsg3 450
localinfo svmsg_delay 200
localinfo svmsg_delay2 400
//localinfo message1 "Welcome to the megatf coop server!"
//localinfo message2 "To call a vote use cmd votemap mapname in the console"
localinfo message3 "Use CMD Help in your console for a list of commands"
// anti-fte crap
serverinfo t1 ""
serverinfo t2 ""
serverinfo t3 ""
serverinfo t4 ""
serverinfo admin human[rus]
serverinfo about4 ""
serverinfo about ""
// end
localinfo respawn_delay 2
localinfo superrail 1
localinfo dispdamage 1
localinfo a off
localinfo rcon_password cheese
serverinfo maxfps 85
timelimit 25
fraglimit 200
localinfo no_anarchy 1

// last coop stuff
map start

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