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Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!


Announcing Epochs of Enmity, a new "unofficial 6th," 10 map episode that is currently wrapping up.





Epochs of Enmity (EoE) is a collection of 10 maps (12, if you include the start & end/credits map).
A group of some reputable mappers have been gathered together to form a nice little “vanilla feel” episode.
The goal was to create an “unofficial 6th” episode, to follow Quake’s unofficial 5th, Dimension of the Past.
The focus was to create a series of various themed maps, since Ranger is traveling through time to stop
the evil that is tainting the time continuum.

Main maps had to include at least one quad, stay within the range of 100 enemies (more if multiple quads exist),
and not use external models or sounds; however, skyboxes, colored lighting, and fog was okay.


Start map • “Toward the Within” • Bal & Greenwood
Map 1 • “Called to Muster” • JCR
Map 2 • “Tombs of Omega” • Greenwood
Map 3 • “Knight on the Town” • FifthElephant & Greenwood
Map 4 • “The Augur’s Mold” • Rhoq
Map 5 • “The Citadel of Twilight” • Jpal
Map 6 • “Knavel Orange” • Fairweather & Greenwood
Map 7 • “Bunker of Barzai” • Greenwood
Map 8 • “Obliteration Domain” • Nolcoz
Map 9 • “Terrorcotta” • Markie Music
Secret map • “Downfire” • ZungryWare


Mappers for the episode include the following:

Bal, Fairweather, FifthElephant, Greenwood (me!), JCR, Jpal, Markie Music, Nolcoz, Rhoq, and ZungryWare.


Due to the use of progs_dump, some minor, “quality of life” changes have been made.
These include the some of the following:

Ogre marksmen
The ogre marksman was a slightly altered ogre character in the original game. What distinguished him from the regular ogre was his lack of a “sight sound” (noise made when first seeing the player) and the possibility of in-fighting with his ogre “cousins,” if friendly fire occurred.
In Epochs of Enmity, the sight sound has been restored; however, now the ogre marksman is partially Z-aware (able to lob grenades higher/lower). However, his potential for in-fighting remained untouched.

Fish fixes
In Quake, there is an issue with fish kills counting double; therefore, the deathcount would always be off with maps involving fish. This has been corrected in Epochs of Enmity. In addition, fish are now “gibbable” (able to be dismembered), the weird “shrunken head” dead fish model has been corrected, and fish are now instantly non-solid upon death.

Mild model updates
A few models have been updated in Epochs of Enmity.
These are so subtle that, for most players, they will probably not be noticed.
A few of these include the following:
• c0burn’s rounded head ogre and dead fish model (mentioned above)
• Dwere’s straightened weapon models (early authentic model pack version)
• Seven’s fixed idle animation shalrath/vore
• Copper’s BSP version of item pickups, etc.


Epochs of Enmity includes an original sound track, from various artists who produce dark ambient tunes that fit well with Quake.
Composers for the episode include the following:

Immorpher, Verbum Mentis, Markie Music, Fairweather, and AlekswithaK.


Installation of Epochs of Enmity is quite simple!

• Unzip the downloaded package and drag the folder marked “eoe” into your the main folder where Quake is installed.

• Launch the game.

• Press the escape key to bring up the console (or the tilde key if already in game).

• Type “game eoe” (no quotations).

• If done correctly, the EoE menu screen will appear. Start the game!

It is recommended to play Epochs of Enmity with Quakespasm or one of its offshoots (Quakespasm Spiked or vkQuake).
In addition, EoE tested fine with DarkPlaces, FTE, and Mark V.

NOTE: Due to the soundtrack being in OGG format, music will NOT play in Mark V.
To keep the file size down, only an OGG version was included.
A few maps are in BSP2 format, due to size/complexity.
Experimentation with other source ports might yield mixed results.

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Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

This looks awesome. Congratulations on the release to everyone involved.

#3 2020-10-21 02:13:12


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

A classic episode from seasoned mappers! Can't wait!

#4 2020-10-21 05:16:25


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

That sounds awesome but what's the point of having a "secret map" at all if you publicize it so blatantly? I mean, it kinda defeats the purpose. Quake wasn't sold with an "including Ziggurat Vertigo" sticker on the front cover.

#5 2020-10-21 06:06:59


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

Looks really cool, can't wait to try it out. First Dwell Episode 1, then Raven's Keep, then Arcane Dimensions update, and now this!

I think secret maps have become some sort of tradition, even Dwell and UDOB have one. Hell, even Raven's Keep has additional map (with extra boss to boot) if you find all 3 chalices in the main map, and then find a specific secret in the start area! Personally though nowadays I would prefer no secret levels at all, even in the most of original games of the 90s, unless it's some 'artistic' credits area like in Arcane Dimensions.

#6 2020-10-21 10:50:04


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

So many (Quake) good news lately! Thanks so much to the team, I can't wait to try out this episode. Bunker of Barzai has been previously released, is the version in this episode different?

#7 2020-10-21 13:57:36

Hipnotic Rogue

Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

Wow!  This is the first I've heard of this.  I'm probably more interested in hearing the new music (fairly rare in Quake) but I'm sure the maps will be great too.

Just wondering if the improved models will work in the first 5 episodes?

Also, bonus unsolicted opinion, maybe someone with the skills I lack could make a new replacement Start map that include gates to episodes 5 and 6?  It could even be a small competition to see who could make the most interesting one.  Just a thought. :)

#8 2020-10-21 22:19:58


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

Theres a bug in the 1st map, dog or dogs cannot be killed until they start moving.From a distance shooting like mad at them, nothing happens,even at that distance i know shells are hitting them. When i near them they move, its only then they can be killed at same distance, as i backed away to see if it was a bug..Using quake spasm spiked.Not played rest of maps as of yet

#9 2020-10-22 11:21:54


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

EOEM9 Is crazy blood fest,its a great map, how your suppose to survive on skill 3 is beyond me,but to say its a blood fest, is a understatment.But got to give a 5\5

#10 2020-10-23 21:57:54


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

My game crashes every time after the first map. Does anyone have a similar issue?

#11 2020-10-24 01:35:50


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!


What exactly is the situation? You need to be more specific. (1) What engine are you using? (2) Are you trying to plays this on its own (as recommended), or are you attempting to play this with any additional files/mods? (3) What operating system are you using?

I have watched quite a few streams of the entire pack & nobody seems to be having an issue playing EoE. Only one dude had a problem with one specific map, but that was quickly resolved when they switched from a beta developer version of an engine to a stable one.

#12 2020-11-22 03:03:31


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

Well done on this map pack you guys, I just beat it on nightmare and every level was amazing.  I see myself replaying this many times in the future if only to find all the secrets. With map packs like these Quake doesnt need a modern reboot.

#13 2020-12-21 14:25:59


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

LOL why is there a killbox in the hidden tunnel in Called to Muster? I can't figure it out.

#14 2020-12-24 11:40:39


Re: Epochs of Enmity - The "unofficial 6th" episode!

Very good! Loved terracotta. Didn't find downfire though.

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