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Re: Quaddicted Suggestions

Hm, you should be able to edit if you are logged in. I dropped all higher limits now, does it work now?

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Re: Quaddicted Suggestions

Not yet. The forum login and the wiki login are separated, perhaps?

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Re: Quaddicted Suggestions


I was viewing one of Draqu_ custom quake maps stream's last week and I recall a user posting a link to a 'Recommended maps randomizer' page here on Quaddicted, it would randomize 4/6 screenshots of recommended maps similar to the random map page, however I forgot to bookmark it and can't find it anywhere searching the entire site, forums, wiki and even google ;-;

Can someone help me out? c:

#79 2016-06-15 15:21:17


Re: Quaddicted Suggestions

Hi Krypto

Here you go: https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/rand … ations.php Is that what you're looking for? It serves up nine random screenshots of maps rated "nice" or "excellent" (as far as I know; in any case maps with low ratings do not show up).

It's on the frontpage, underneath the list of the latest maps in the database, and right above "Recent Activity", where it says "Check out all the Custom Levels or play a random map (screenshots)." <-- click on "screenshots".

#80 2016-06-15 16:06:56


Re: Quaddicted Suggestions

Yes that is precisely what I was looking for, thank you for the quick response. However I recommend renaming it to something other then screenshots and make it's presence more obvious in the maps section as I couldn't find it at all.

#81 2021-05-15 10:31:48


Re: Quaddicted Suggestions

'Quake' community seems not plenty, but strong - at least in this place. In the end, I think it is all about the people; people recognizing one another. Nobody does maps or mods just for the sake of it, addressing some empty space, neither for the benefit of an abstract archive; but people do it for each other. I think it could be worthwhile to establish a quasi-topic thread, where developers and enthusiasts should be allowed to simply share things that inspire or interest them - creatively speaking - hoping for a synergistic result altogether.

It is questionable though what would distinguish a quasi-topic thread from an offtopic thread.

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