#26 2021-05-28 11:51:07

I Like Quake

Re: Vore projectile duration

Thanks. Did the same and it worked. I don't know what it didn't like the first time.
Is it possible to increase the resolution?, I don't see an option.

#27 2021-05-28 12:06:38

I Like Quake

Re: Vore projectile duration

Managed to up the graphics a little bit with "vid_mode 10".
Survived the level, got all 15 kills. Quite easy now.
When I was a kid I would be baffled by all the monsters firing from above, especially the vores, and the fiends running around.

#28 2021-05-29 07:37:58


Re: Vore projectile duration

This BETA/Pre-Release isn't that different. In Episode 3 the secret level is Wind Tunnels, while Haunted Halls is in normal level order. Also, Dismal Oubliette has the original beginning with the swamp area that Romero had to cut. I think Satan's Dark Delight is incomplete - it has exit portal gate right in front of player's start and also some section is missing water (but has Vores) and the ending area with lava also is missing a few things and an exit.

Another difference is of course the earlier End level, and like I said it looks very Sandy Petersen style. I wonder who did this one. Somebody ask Romero on twitter or something.

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