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Retro map and mod suggestions

I'm a big fan of 90s maps for Doom and play them often via Chocolate Doom and I'm wanting to do the same for Quake. I know all the classics for Doom but when it comes to Quake I just browse Quaddicted by chronological order with no rhyme or reason. If anyone has any memorable (or any that come to mind, really) maps or mods from early days of Quake I'd love to know!

I can start the ball rolling with Anaconda - a mod made as a tie in for the movie Anaconda, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Owen Wilson.

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I Like Quake

Re: Retro map and mod suggestions

Ikka's maps are really beautiful. I fell in love with the IKBlue textures playing them.
There are George Fiffy's maps that came early on on the scene.
There's also the Beyond Belief episode, retro af.

Also, if what you're after is just the look and the feel of the early days of Quake not necessarily limited to that time period, the Terra maps have it, they're post-2000, same with the Death Match Classics, volumes 1 to 3, which I highly recommend together with Basil de Vries's DMxSP Deathmatch Experience which consists of the original ID deathmatch maps turned into intense combat singleplayer maps.

So, pre-2000: Ikka, Fiffy, BBelief; post-2000: Terra, DMC1, DMC2, DMC3, DMxSP; these come to mind, but there are many more.

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Re: Retro map and mod suggestions

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I found the IK texture wads recently so it's nice to be able to tie them to the author and his maps. I've included links below for your suggestions in case anyone else wants to check them out too.

Ikka - most maps are from '97

George J. Fiffy II - most maps are also from '97 with one from '96

Beyond Belief - I started playing this and the first map has me sold. I'm particularly surprised at how well the map flows are designed. I'm very much enjoying this set.

The other maps aren't from the 90s so I won't bother linking them as they're easy enough to find. I will, however, link DMxSP Deathmatch Experience as I dig the concept of DM maps turned SP. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Edit: I was browsing PC Gamer's Oct. 1997 - Quake-o-rama disc to find old school mods and found Beyond Belief on there.

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Re: Retro map and mod suggestions

Here are some of my favorite 1996-97 maps. These aren't necessarily the best early releases, but they're all fun and can be finished within 15 minutes.

Jim Lowell - House of Desolution

Gyro Gearloose - Torture

Michael Reed - Well of Lost Souls

Levelord - Hipside

Utah - Death's Taste

Wright Bagwell - The Vigil

Ozric - The Warpgate

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