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Arcane Dimensions - Tears of the False God bug

Playing on QS-Spiked.

I'm trying to beat the 280 second time limit on the final fight, but I'm getting stopped by a bug.

After a certain amount of kills, a room is supposed to rise with two shamblers and a fiend. Kill the shamblers, and a second identical room rises. Kill those shamblers, two more rooms rise, and killing those four shamblers progresses the fight.

The problem is that the fiends are spawning inside the wall of the room, stopping it from rising up. For each of these rooms, I have to wait 30+ seconds for the fiend to get crushed to death before the room will actually pop up and release the shamblers. Needless to say, an extra 90 seconds of wasted time means I can't possibly finish the fight fast enough to trigger the secret.

I've seen videos of people completing this fight, and their rooms all function normally. Does anyone know what's causing mine to malfunction?

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