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Quake cross platform troubleshooting (xbox)

I'm trying to host quake on a PC so I can manage a LAN party easier.
I'm going to connect Xbox, Nintendo DS, android and some Linux pc's to the server. Everything connects fine except the xbox.
I have tried
1. turning off all firewall options on the PC
2. allowing in/out connections of the quake client.exe on PC
3. clearing all .cfg files of quake server side and client side.
4. I can host a new multiplayer game on the xbox and everything can connect to it even the clients/servers im using on the PC/nds/android
5. downloading and trying a few different versions of quake for xbox and PC.
6. starting pc server with commands -ip -port etc,

some of the Errors I get from console on xbox.

<--- server to client keepalive
host_error: cl_connect:connect failed

*when I search for a local game on the xbox and find the server on the PC, when I select it it attemps to connect, the server command console reads "Client unconnected removed" then the xbox console i get

read error
host_error: cl_readfromserver: lost server connection
server connection

anyhelp or clues or tips will be appreciative.

here is the og creator talking about his port.
I'm not sure if the part about xlink kai and keeping the xbox off the pc servers was what might help me. I might even contact him.

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Re: Quake cross platform troubleshooting (xbox)

Is there any possibility that you might have, at some time, set up port forwarding rules on your router for the X-box and they may now be interfering with the local connection.

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Re: Quake cross platform troubleshooting (xbox)

I took the router out of the equation, using basic a.p.  router now.
I also took the PC out of the equation. I made a new lan game with android based client. xbox wouldn't connect either.
Its trying. but not going the last part.

android device can connect to the xbox when hosting a game.

I tried running quake on pc with -condebug to get a log of the server, but it doesnt show anything extra that I can't see in the console screen.

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Re: Quake cross platform troubleshooting (xbox)

Start by making a matrix of the exact clients you use on the devices and who can connect to whom. And take note of the exact settings regarding ports and protocols you use on the servers and clients. That way you might be able to track down the incompatibilities.

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Re: Quake cross platform troubleshooting (xbox)

I had started a matrix, but it wasn't helping much.
so did more research. ontop of more research. udp seems to be the problem. something about the ports.

found someone with similar problems using other types of clients, wii, psp etc...
they suggested to use an older version - wqpro350.zip

god dam worked straight away.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ … 113827.jpg

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