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Linux options

For all the Linux enthusiasts out there, wanting to play 'Quake' - for the sourceport of choice, there is hardly any other sensible way, than to choose the sourceports, that support the 'Vulkan' technology. Currently, to my awareness, there is only one such sourceport, meeting the criterion; it is vkQuake.

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Re: Linux options

FTE did it first (i guess): https://fte.triptohell.info/

QuakeForge has a vulkan renderer too http://www.quakeforge.net/ (https://github.com/quakeforge/quakeforge)

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Re: Linux options

Good call, 'Spirit'!

Anyway, "vkQuake" releases after version "1.10.0-beta3", tend to crash on me pretty bad - I suspect this could be something with the "Wayland" support; should check with the basic "X11".

I have other problems with "Quakespasm" mainline; some levels that loaded perfectly fine in the "0.93.2", after transition attempt to the "0.94.2", throw an error.


Tried with the "FTE", version "6082". It fails to boot. Damn, hard to tell that things just work.

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Re: Linux options

Greenwood wrote:

Thank you for reporting that issue regarding zigi's map. It appears to only affect those playing with updated QSS and vkQuake ports that support the new Kex episode. For example, everything regarding that map appears to work just fine in the older vkQuake 1.05.1 edition.

Quote reference link

Ever since the open-source engine developers tried to adopt the 'Quake' 2021 re-release compatibility, things started to screw up around, at least in my view; to a degree where I think they should establish a parallel line of development - "Quakespasm" iteration of relevant sort with 'Quake' re-release compatibility and simultaneously, similar edition without the re-release compatibility. There seem to be few improvements in the current engine version that are independent of the re-release case.

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