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Footstep sounds for snow maps

Some mods have added footstep sounds for the player and monsters, notably AD.
Once played like this I just can't play without them.

Trouble is that the sound is the same on all surfaces, which does kind of ruin the illusion.

I guess that the way the sounds used in these mods are not put together in the same way as in Halflife for example, which changes according to the texture.

Any thoughts as to whether something like that could be achieved in quake1?
If so it would be a great project for someone, unless it's already been done.

I like the use of sounds because it can add an atmosphere not felt without them, and the maps that are rich in sound are the ones I find more belivable.
But snow with no footstep sounds, or the wrong footstep sounds, just ain't snow?

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Re: Footstep sounds for snow maps

Just a note, there's a folder in the Valve folder that seems to be related to the textures that will produce the sounds, which might serve as a clue as to how Half-Life did it.

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Re: Footstep sounds for snow maps

Obv... they did snowwy footsteps in wrath.

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