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Edited models v.1.3 (MD5+MDL+BSP) from Q2021 (for QSS and QEnhanced)

Fixed new MD5+MDL+BSP models from "Quake Enhanced", version 1.3 from 14.01.22
(the mod works stably on the "QSS 0.94.0" engine and higher)

Models updated to version 1.3

      Version 1.1:
- removed bright colors in the second green skin of the "h_wizard" head model (for ID1 and AD).
      Version 1.2:
- MDL model "oldone" has a texture over 480 pixels and is not accepted by the game Quake Enhanced. I had to reduce the texture to a size of 240x480 pixels and it doesn't contain bright pixels;
- Added an optional "enforcer" model with animation of walking with a gun at the ready. The original model has been saved. The folders of the model with modified animation are called "enforcer-gun walk".
      Version 1.3:
- added in BSP format all models of ammo and medkits that were originally in the Q2021 folder in MDL format, had an incorrect position in space and size and were not used by the game (all models are edited in size and position, textures are tightened to their edges);
- added exploding boxes from "Authentic Model Improvements" in BSP format, because Q2021 does not have its own improved box models and renamed models from MDL to BSP are not accepted by the game and it crashes with an error (the game runs only models originally created as BSP(MAP));
- optionally added in BSP format all models of ammo and medkits with textures of 480 pixels;
- improved models based on megahealth with original textures and textures of 480 pixels have been added in BSP format (Attention! These models don't work in Q2021! These models only work on other engines, but not the KEX engine);
- optionally, there is a source of BSP models in a Blender with original and improved textures.

Inside the archive there is also a description in Russian.

Download link (ver. 1.3):
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T5plrH … sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDzXR4 … sp=sharing
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zc57KR … sp=sharing
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XDGbK5 … sp=sharing
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1equPRE … sp=sharing

There are screenshots of the comparison in the folder, but the changes are completely visible only in the game. You can also slow down the time using the console command "host_timescale" with a value of 0.01-0.1 (value 0 or 1 is the normal speed of the game) and disable adding frames to the animation of models "r_lerpmodels 0" (value 1 - enable), then the frame-by-frame animation will be visible.

1. The animation and spatial position of the following new monster models have been redesigned (folders "MD5 all+MDL heads"; "MDL for ID1"): demon, dog, enforcer, fish, hknight, knight, ogre, player, shalrath, shambler, soldier, wizard, zombie (the tarbaby model has not changed - a very simple animation does not allow you to do something)
- In all models, the position in space has been redesigned - without falling through the floor textures;
- Animation of waiting, movement, falling, death, pain, attack has been redesigned in almost all humanoid models;
- In almost all humanoid models, the strange movement and position of the heads, limbs and joints have been redesigned, which contradicts the capabilities of the body (in the ogre model, the chain saw attack practically did not change, so his hand is slightly distorted);
- Almost all weapon models have been redesigned and converted to MDL format;
- After the conversion, all the distorted geometry of the weapon was restored (a nasty feature of the conversion)

2. Minor changes to new environment models (folders "MD5 all+MDL heads"; "MDL for ID1"):
suit - changed feet and rounded helmet

3. Changes to new weapon models (folders "MD5 all+MDL heads"; "MDL for ID1"; "MD5+MDL for DoE (Rogue)"; "MDL for SoA (Hipnotic)"):
- Almost all weapon models have been redesigned and converted to MDL format
(I failed to change the incorrect flash texture overlay from the trunk in the MD5 v_rock model, everything is fixed in the MDL model);
- Added all weapons from the "DoE" and "SoA" add-ons in MDL format;
- Optionally, there is a shotgun MDL model with reloading animation in the archive

4. Changed the animation of some monsters, which has been working incorrectly since the release of the original game. The extended description is located inside the folder (folder "Improved animation (progs.dat)")

5. Added improved particles from shots and explosions in the style of "AD" and "TribalFX" with my minor changes (folder "Improved particles (AD+TribalFX-based)")

6. Added some particularly hard-editable models in the original Blender format, which were modified by me (folder "Source Blender (some models)")

7. Several updated MDL monster models have been added for the "AD" mod (folder "MDL for AD")

Existing MD5 model errors that I still don't understand how to fix (I just don't use these MD5 models):
v_rock - incorrect overlay of the flash texture from the muzzle (I fixed everything in the MDL model);
missile - incorrect overlay of the flame texture of the rocket nozzle;
v_light - a strange disappearance of the model in the hands of the player at the first taking of a weapon or full ammunition, the weapon does not appear in the hands until you shoot it, after a while it may disappear again (there is still no response from the developers of "QSS")

Development costs:
- 4 months of model editing;
- redesigned more than 1400 frames of model animation (as a result, taking into account multiple revisions and adjustments, more than 50,000 frames were changed and the game was launched several thousand times for tests);
- I was almost cursed by my wife (;-p)

Thanks to the Quake game enthusiasts:
OSJ - for the new MDL models of heads, the "tarbaby" model with 3 skins for DoE;
Tribal - for the "TribalFX" mod, correction and improvement "*.qc" files and providing the source code of this mod
Trickle - New MD5 weapon models for "DoE" (additionally modified by me in MDL and bugs fixed);
Other modelers (I didn't find any names) - for MDL+MD5 multi-skins of models

If anyone is interested, here is a link to the topic in the forum with my mod "Play_Q":

P.S.: I apologize for my poor knowledge of English. :)

With best wishes,
Andrew (Ash1980)

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Re: Edited models v.1.3 (MD5+MDL+BSP) from Q2021 (for QSS and QEnhanced)

Models updated to version 1.2

(Moderators, please erase this unnecessary message. Or give the creator of the topic the opportunity to erase his messages.)

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Re: Edited models v.1.3 (MD5+MDL+BSP) from Q2021 (for QSS and QEnhanced)

Due to the large texture of the "oldone.mdl" model, the Quake Enhanced game crashes to the desktop. I reduced the texture size and released version 1.2 also optionally I addedl "enforcer-gun walk" model.

Link in the topic.

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Re: Edited models v.1.3 (MD5+MDL+BSP) from Q2021 (for QSS and QEnhanced)

Models updated to version 1.3

Download link and description at the beginning of the topic

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