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Brown Side of the Rainbow

You ever hear about Dark Side of the Rainbow where you put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album while watching the Wizard of Oz and a bunch of stuff in the movie syncs up with the music for a while?

Back when I first played Quake in the 90's but didn't have my own CD, I had the Brown Album by Primus, one of the first four music CD's I bought, in my CD drive.

Track 02 Fisticuffs just seems to go well with the first demo that plays and around 45 seconds in, the song says about finding someone with a gaping gash in his arm, at the same time Ranger is shooting nails into the arm of an Ogre, killing him.

During the 2nd demo showing Grisly Grotto, track 05 Shake Hands with Beef plays.   At around 2:10 since you started up Quake it says I scavenge around every nook and cranny of our little town at the same time Ranger picks up items and goes around some corners.

Alternatively if you go into the console and type CD PLAY 10 as soon as the 2nd demo starts, Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread plays.  After just sinking in the water a bit, the songs talks about swimming as Ranger starts moving more while fighting the last Scrag at the beginning, then it says I see no sign of any other after Ranger kills that Scrag, and while still in the water, it says I see something up above and I lay back, at the same time Ranger looks upward at a platform.

When the third demo plays, track 04 Over the Falls plays.    At around 2:50 since you started Quake, the song says, "He stood by and waited to be called" as Ranger gets near a switch and just stands there looking around for a while before finally hitting the switch revealing some enemies in openings, effectively calling them.    About 20 seconds later, Ranger stands in place a couple more times a little too much while the line in the song repeats.

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Re: Brown Side of the Rainbow

You mean synchronicity, an upgraded version of coincidence; things surprisingly giving meaning to one another in a sudden feedback loop? You think this could be some kind of sign that, y'know, God exists or something? Hell, where has that been all my life, I wonder.

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