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Looking for Skacky map name


I was recently in the Quake Mapping discord and alexUnder mentioned the following map = “Skacky's winter monastery with hell beneath (forgot map title) is 200% bigger than any other in wrath, sooo damn complex, especially with secrets hunting”

What map is being mentioned here?

Thank you.

Covered in gibs,

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Re: Looking for Skacky map name

He's talking about a level in the game Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, not Quake. Judging by the description it's probably The Priory.

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#3 2022-06-03 08:46:43

Alex Ros

Re: Looking for Skacky map name

Yeah. It's Priory from Wrath. THANKS man Henry! Kudos! I forgot map title
*It's alexUnder. I just can't change Alex Ros to alexUnder, no such option for QD forums

Skacky is cool. His Thief FM missions are among all time best. No wonder why Arkane hired him. Arkane love Thief and stealth

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