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Quake Multiplayer


I apologize in advance for being a n00b about this.

I want to play Quake multiplayer with my brother who happens to live in a different city from me(I don't want to use the Rerelease on Steam, because I want to use custom maps) and haven't found the clearest instructions.

This is what we tried last weekend:

-I forwarded port 26000
-I launched Hamachi (because I was told I needed to do this)
-He joined my Hamachi
-I launched Quake Spasm and hosted a TCP/IP coop game
-He launched Quake Spasm and saw my game
-He tried to joined but it failed

Where am I going wrong? What can I do so we can just launch a port, pick a map and start fragging?

Thank you so much!

Covered in gibs,

#2 2022-06-03 22:43:51


Re: Quake Multiplayer

I’m sorry for spamming this question in a bunch of places (QuakeMapping Discord, Func, here). I’m not trying to be annoying by any means. I’m just really excited to play co-op/deathmatch in non-Steam Quake. Dumptruck_ds answered my question on Func.

Thank you to everyone.

Covered in gibs,

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