#1 2022-12-28 17:40:49


Deprecating demo uploading

Due to upcoming changes the feature to upload playthrough demo files will be removed. It was never used much and the online world has changed a lot since it was added. People seem to prefer to watch video captures to demo files.

I will remove the uploading form in the coming days. The demo files will of course stay available at https://www.quaddicted.com/files/demos/ and I will add a dump of their metadata in that directory.

#2 2022-12-29 04:20:35


Re: Deprecating demo uploading

I'd rather you didn't remove the feature. I look for demos at times and find it a handy thing sometimes.

#3 2022-12-30 00:27:28


Re: Deprecating demo uploading

That's a shame.

#4 2022-12-30 15:39:14


Re: Deprecating demo uploading

As long as they are still available to download that's completely understandable.

But... I wonder what the "upcoming changes are"? Intrigued.

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#5 2023-01-10 22:04:22


Re: Deprecating demo uploading

It is quite seldomly used:
     18 2013
     76 2014
     16 2015
     13 2016
     13 2017
     34 2018
     22 2019
     43 2020
     13 2021
     23 2022

Some info on the rebuild progress: https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewto … 7504#p7504
Once running fully, demos could just be uploaded anywhere, added as files with appropriate metadata and map/mod pages could list them again.

#6 2023-01-11 01:35:03


Re: Deprecating demo uploading

This is great news. I wish i could help code but happy to help in other ways: financially, promotion or testing when the time comes.

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