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HD-textures for "Dimension of the Machine" (QSS) FOUND!

Hello, everyone!

Does anyone know about the existence of HD textures for the "DOTM" mod that can be used in the "QSS" engine? Of course, it's a pity that there won't be a beautiful light from the fans, but somehow I'll get over it. I just watched a video on YouTube with HD textures for "Dark Places", but the author of the video did not answer anything. :-(

Here are the links, if anyone is interested:

https://quakeone.com/forum/news/quake/2 … post283403

https://quakeone.com/forum/news/quake/2 … post283783
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeR3JBG … x=2&t=113s

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Re: HD-textures for "Dimension of the Machine" (QSS) FOUND!

After a long search, I finally found HD-textures for "DOTM", here is a link to the modification of "Quake: Rivarez Edition". From this mod, you can take HD-textures for "DOTM" (folder "mg1"):


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