#1 2023-02-19 14:41:35


VKQuake crash help

I've just downloaded VKQuake and it launches but it crashes soon after with the error "vkQueueSubmit Failed"..
I tried putting it into a fresh re-install Quake folder but still the same problem...
Quakespasm works fine for me though.

What's going on here?

#2 2023-02-19 17:34:05


Re: VKQuake crash help

Most likely your video card doesn't support Vulcan or drivers need updating.

#3 2023-02-19 22:30:50


Re: VKQuake crash help

I was thinking that. So does VKQuake exclusively have to use Vulcan? I haven't had any issues running quake or other games till now but my laptop isn't a gaming computer with any special graphics card

#4 2023-02-20 07:13:07


Re: VKQuake crash help

DH1988 wrote:

So does VKQuake exclusively have to use Vulcan?

Of course, that's the intention. From its page:

vkQuake is a port of id Software's Quake using Vulkan instead of OpenGL for rendering. It is based on the popular QuakeSpasm and QuakeSpasm-Spiked ports and runs all mods compatible with QuakeSpasm like Arcane Dimensions.

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