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On a quest to find QuakeCasts!

Howdy old-schoolers!

I've recently found myself on a bit of a personal mission to track down audio and/or video captures of QuakeCasts.

Remember those? Back in the 90's, you'll recall Blue and often Loonyboy would host a show (QuakeCast) at Pseudo.com, the crazy internet broadcaster in New York who promptly cratered when the dotcom bubble burst.

Pseudo.com still exists as a shaky old website (someone bought their assets, which got passed around, over the years), and it actually houses some archived stuff from the All Gaming Network (although I can't actually get any of them to play - realplayer plugin is a demanding mistress).

So! I know its a thousand-to-one against that anyone would have any QuakeCasts laying around on an old forgotten hard drive, but I'm also looking for ideas, references, contacts or anything that comes to mind to help me track down some QuakeCasts and collect them up for posterity.

Got any ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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Re: On a quest to find QuakeCasts!

There are three in https://www.quaddicted.com/files/misc/
Those were all I ever found.

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