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QuaddictedTool (test version)

QuaddictedTool (test version)

A utility for viewing and downloading maps from the quaddicted.com website.
You can add colored labels and comments to each map.
When uploading an archive, a screenshot and a text file with a description are added next to it.
When you install such an archive using QMLauncher, the description and cover are added automatically.
This is a test version. Sometimes there is a crash.
I can not determine the sequence of actions leading to the crash.
Users who will use this utility - please try to remember the sequence of actions leading to the crash and let me know.

Some antiviruses find a trojan in this program. Perhaps because the program uses internet access.
Antivirus often detect programs written in Purebasic as malware.
There is no malicious code in this program. Use this utility or not decide for yourself.

I am sorry for my English. This is a google translation.

Download link

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TtU7Ax … sp=sharing

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Re: QuaddictedTool (test version)

Very cool! It would be great if you would release it as open source tool, especially considering the potential issues with malware scanners.

Are you using the XML from the Quake Injector? It will probably switch to a different format and JSON some times year.

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Re: QuaddictedTool (test version)

The code for this utility has nothing to do with Quake Injector.
Everything is based on the parsing of the site pages.
The utility will work until the HTML code of the pages changes.
I can post the source code on Purebasic. Although it is unlikely that anyone will understand it except me.)))
I'm just learning programming. And this utility was written rather for training.

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