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Disabling fullbrights in software mode

It's probably a common knowledge that you need a modified colormap for that. I'm pretty sure it was attempted before, but since I made one for myself, I thought I'd share it somewhere.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9DxOf … sp=sharing

Why would someone want to get rid of such a good special effect? Because people responsible for custom content rarely care to palettize their textures and skins properly, which leads to out-of-place glowing pixels.

Comparison shots:

th_4-1.png th_4-2.png

th_1-1.png th_1-2.png

th_2-1.png th_2-2.png

th_5-1.png th_5-2.png

th_3-1.png th_3-2.png

Original colormap is on the left.

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Re: Disabling fullbrights in software mode

I don't like sloppy fullbrights on textures, either, but I'm pretty sure that those on shots 1 and 5 (using your numeration) are intentional.

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Re: Disabling fullbrights in software mode

Yeah, I wanted to show negative consequences as well.

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Re: Disabling fullbrights in software mode

It might not simply be a lack of care, GLQuake didn't originally support fullbright colours at all, as the software renderer does.


Second last row is for muzzleflashes/fire. Last row is for fluoro lights, lightning bolts, medpack/slipgate lights, one more thing I'm probably forgetting and alpha. When none of those things are fullbright in GL though and you forget what software looked like it's all too tempting to use those oranges, light blues, etc. :>

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