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 ==== Naming ==== ==== Naming ====
-=== Map ===+=== Maps === 
 +Pick a good filename for your .bsp file. People commonly use their nicknames and a counter or try to find a good short word describing the map. Adding a "sp" or "dm" or "ctf" bit to the name helps indicating the intended gamemode. If you decide for a "boring" numbering scheme and you also release maps for other games, you might want to stick a "q1" in there as well.
-==== Text file ====+Alternatively just name it after the map's actual name.
 +Don't forget to set the title field in the .bsp file to something useful.
-You must add a text file to your release, documenting at least the title of the work and your (nick)namecreate date: 20-20-2020+=== Mods === 
 +For mods the standard seems to be a more descriptive filename. Usually it is a short form of the mod's title. If it is a mod just supporting one map (so it's more of a map than a modthe map naming suggestions above apply though.
-================================================================ +=== Examples of good naming schemes === 
-BASE FILE FOR CUSTOM LEVELS+  * efdatsp1.bsp - The Place of Dismay by efdat, full nickname since it is short & sp & number 
 +  * chessp1.bsp - Shrine of Skank by cheshire, abbreviated nickname & sp & number 
 +  * ikspq1.bsp - Before Nightfall by Iikka "Fingers" Keränen, abbreviated/acronym nickname & q & sp & number 
 +  * ac.bsp - Adamantine Cruelty by Vondur, acronym of the level title 
 +  * ant.bsp - Antediluvian by metlslime, abbreviated title 
 +  * cogs.bsp - Cogs Of Conflict by spd, a single prominent word from the title
-Title                       :+=== General considerations === 
 +Be aware that filenames longer than 8 characters will be a pain to use on DOS. So if you are a nice person, find a short one. It will also be nicer to type (if the user's engine does not support tab completion).
-Filename                : +Avoid any characters that are not a-z or 0-9. A single dash - might be ok. Quake engines do not handle international keyboard layouts well. Do not use uppercase characters for any files.
-Author(s)                : +Before you settle, search the web for the name and make sure it is not already used.
-Email Address          : +==== Text file ==== 
 +You must add a text file to your release, documenting at least the title of the work and your (nick)name. You should also include a release name, the intended purpose, contact details, release date and the like. Without this, your file(s) might be lost in "who on earth made this and when and why?!" limbo.
-Description                +Best practice would be using the good old base.txt template[[/files/idgames2/levels/base.txt]]
 +Name the text file exactly like your zip file and/or your bsp file and/or your mod directory! For example the readme file for abc123.bsp would be abc123.txt. For the mod qwe456/ the readme file would be named qwe456.txt and placed into qwe456/ : qwe456/qwe456.txt!
-==============================================================+If you name your text file readme.txt, it will conflict with everyone else's same-named file and no one wants to overwrite other people's files.
-Single Player           : +If you have creativity oozing out your pores, well, some mappers include short background stories too.
-Cooperative 1-32 Player :  +==== Packaging ==== 
 +Package your files into a standard zip archive. Not rar, not a self-extracting exe, just a plain zip. Zip is widely supported, Windows natively can handle the format since Windows XP. MacOS and Linux have no trouble either.
-Deathmatch 2-32 Player +If you release a single file, put it (and its readme) directly into the zip file. Do not add a directory. If the user extracts the file straight into his maps/ directory, it should be correct.
-.map   Included         :+If you release a mod, put a directory into the zip file so if the user extracts the zip into his Quake directory, the mod will be properly installed. Remember to mind the character rules, lowercase only, a-z and 0-9, no special characters except maybe - and no spaces whatsoever. Put all your files inside that directory.
-Software needed to play : quake +If you are releasing a single file, name the zip the same as the file. For example abc123.zip would be the archive for abc123.bsp and abc123.txt. If you release a mod, try to do the same.
- +
-Comments                :  +
- +
-* Construction * +
- +
- +
-Build Time   :   +
- +
-Times & stats   : +
- +
-System Used      :    +
-          +
-Editor(s) used  :  +
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-==== Packaging ==== +
 ==== Hosting ==== ==== Hosting ====