Tagging policy

The purpose of tags is to help users search for maps that share certain features. Please keep tags descriptive and accurate.

DO NOT add evaluative or subjective tags. If you want to express your opinion about a map, you can rate the map (from 1 to 5) and/or leave a comment.

Examples of acceptable tags

  • Texture set or theme: "wizard", "castle", "base", "realism", "daikatana", "hexen", etc.
  • Size: "small", "medium", "large", etc.
  • Dependencies: "quoth", "drake", "soa", etc.
  • Map type: "speedmap", "turtlemap", "remix", "remake", "dm", etc.
  • Technical features: "limits", "source", "monsters", etc.
  • Homages or references to earlier maps or games: "Doom", "e1m1", etc.

Examples of unacceptable tags

  • "easy", "crap", "poor", "avoid", "rubbish", "masterpiece", "recommended", "perfect", etc.