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Troubleshooting / Common Errors

Hard crashes

Quake returns to the operating system with an error message or does not even seem to start at all.

Hunc_Alloc: Failed on ####### bytes

The game does not have enough memory allocated to load the map. This usually happens with very large maps. To be able to load it, the memory heap has to be increased manually by using the -heapsize # command line parameter when starting the game. For example: glquake.exe -heapsize 64000. For software rendered engines the commandline parameter is -mem # where # is the amount of RAM in megabytes, eg -mem 64.

A required .DLL file, GLIDE2X.DLL, was not found

Unless you are using a 3Dfx graphics card (you would know if you do so) this means that you should just go ahead and delete the file opengl32.dll from your Quake directory.

Soft crashes

Quake drops to the console with an error message.

Other problems

The screen is green and distorted

You are using an ATI graphics chip? Add -bpp 32 to your commandline to force the engine to use 32 bit color depth.