PC Gamer Issue 032 (July 1996)(uk)


Taken from fd10c42342c5c9b7462e1ed72e307662 PC Gamer [UK] Issue 032.pdf (thanks to KiwiArcader, http://www.oldgamemags.com/index.php?title=PC_Gamer_UK_Issue_032 )

Some smaller snippets, the single page granny pie ad. Nothing on the disc.


Quake latest

id obviously have the game sussed, but disturbing rumours were being whispered

QUAKE FEVER ABATED slightly at E3 with the appearance of so many competing titles, but it was still on most people's lips at some point. Jay Wilbur and Mike Wilson (see last month's feature) were prowling around GT's area showing off a version which looked much tighter than the version that was running at ECTS. There is now a strong feeling of coherency to the levels and many of them are packed with a selection of new beasts, traps, power-ups and keys in seemingly the right proportions. The proper weapon appearances have also been added, so the grenade launcher no longer resembles a pointy stick but instead a rather threatening pole.

The constant release date guessing was made trickier by conflicting signals emanating from various places. The version on the stand, which looked like being suspiciously close to a final shareware version, now contains all the ordering information, but id were keeping quiet. We had a chat with a couple of people who were as close to knowing a date for the full version as anyone, and the answer was… next February. Apparently the internet - the one area id are hoping to make their own with multi-player Quake - is causing the problems. We'll see.