Thanks to some monetary "support" from online amusement site advertisements that were online on this site, Spirit got some money to spent on Quake stuff.

Open/In Progress

  • hint/skip/detail support to aguirRe's tools: Done by rebb, 50 $ reward not yet claimed

If you want to start working on a task, make sure to first contact Spirit!


  • A tool that takes a directory of images including subdirectories, converts them to .mip and puts them into a texture wad. It shall rename filenames that are incompatible with Quake and keep track of those renamings (so the source images can be used as replacement textures for the ones in the wad, a simple log is enough). Support at least TGA as source format. Windows is alright, cross-platform would get you a little extra: 25 $ would have went to Baker, but he proposed a new bounty instead. Thanks! You can find the tool here
  • Multi-format cross-platform model converter: 50 $ went to Sajt, thanks! See Inside3D
  • Origin brush support to aguirRe's tools and qc code to use origin brushes: Obsolete
  • FOSS cross-platform Ogg Vorbis soundtrack support in the engine. Make it support any filenames (eg have a track called asd.ogg and "sounds" "asd" in worldspawn) and console command "cd play xx" compatible. 50$ went to ericw and the Quakespasm project each.