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Hi, I am Spirit, formerly known as "Spirit of 85".

You can send me mails at spirit ät quaddicted döt com. If you know how to, please use PGP, I'll reply faster to you as reward. Don't try it for the first time just for me, it's probably a waste of time.

Back in 2004 (22.10.2004) I started a Quake news site, "Spirit of 85's Quake Weblog" where I attempted to post everything that happened anywhere in the Quake scene day for day. The Quake scene felt very fragmented back then which annoyed me, so I tried to fix it. Feedback was great, I remember being so excited when it hit

Over time I realised that those guys who made those maps and mods were people too. IRC and discussion on random sites got me deeper into the community and as a side effect improved my english (Quake is good for you!).

Quaddicted was launched on the 17th March 2005. Files were hosted at a friend's server first (I actually send him CDs with the files on them, god bless ISDN). I tried hard to make it a self-contained news site where people would post "their" news but that never took off. But it attracted many very helpful people.

I should continue writing this later…