Advertisements for Quake

Quake is forever

Quake is good for you

Quake is everywhere

Thanks to dyna for the three scans above.

Quake is good for you (2 pages)

Scanned by KiwiArcader, thanks! From PC Gamer [UK] Issue 034, Sept 1996, pages 30 & 31.

Quake is for everyone

Scanned by Spirit from the german magazine Powerplay 09/96. The bottom text reads "The exciting party game for the whole family". Bottom left is a parody of the age and player number suggestions on board game boxes. The small text says "swallowable small pieces".


AptMoniker says: If anyone is actually interested in this idea, the typeface used is called Democratica (created by Miles Newlyn for the Emigré foundry back in like '91).