This page shall be detailed information about the pre-release. As of now it just a copy of an old news post…

| Quake PRE-RELEASE                      |
| Tuesday, June 11th, 1996               |
| Copyright (C) 1996 id Software, inc.   |
| Operating Instructions                 |
| by John Romero                         |

IMPORTANT NOTE: This document is a shabbed-up version of the QTEST1
document that i wrote months ago.  It may suck.

This is our first severely limited pre-release, not intended for the
general public.  If you received this game from a member of id Software,
then you are supposed to have it, otherwise, you are in possession of
something which is not yours. You Are Bad.

Spirit says: I found this beta version of Quake floating around. This should be a much longer and detailed post but there are other things to do. There are many little and some big differences. There also is a slighty older version around, differences might only be cosmetic (the readme differs a tiny bit). Anyways, for your enjoyment (ok, mostly mine) I played through this and recorded it. http://www.archive.org/details/QuakeBetaPlaythrough