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Version history

Quake received four official updates. The first one (version 1.06) included a patch for the game code and a new executable, the others were updated executables only.

Version 1.06

Released on 1 October 1996. It includes a patch for the game code that changes the progs.dat file inside the pak0.pak, and quake.exe v1.06.
List of changes (from q101-106.txt):

General changes
  • Increased the number of edges, so walls don't vanish in E1M8 when viewing the walls from certain angles in high resolutions.
  • Locking the NULL pointer protection page should no longer prevent Quake from running under CWSDPMI r3 and 386MAX.
  • Video mode corruption was reported and Quake would exit if '_vid_default_mode' in config.cfg was not a valid video mode. Quake now defaults to 320x200 if an invalid default video mode is listed. (This was usually the result of switching from UniVBE 5.2 to 5.3, which supports fewer modes than 5.2).
  • "Working_size" was not being pre-adjusted up by 64K in the memory allocation loop. This may provide 64K more memory on some systems.
  • The crosshair variable is now saved in config.cfg.
  • If you already have cell ammo of 100, you can't pick up more cell ammo.
  • If you discharged the thunderbolt in the water your cells are no longer dropped with your backpack. (Reason: By discharging in the water, your cells should be fully depleted.) Only wussies do this as a paniced, last ditch effort anyway, unless they have the Pentagram of Protection, so this really shouldn't affect you anyway :)
  • Added support for input devices (i.e. Spaceball and Assassin).
  • Crosshair is drawn at the correct location if you are underwater in high resolution video modes.
  • Spaces were being added to key bindings when reading in the config.cfg, and where then written back out to the config.cfg. This caused the bindings to keep growing until it eventually caused a crash.
  • Binding to ";" is now written to config.cfg properly.
  • Unbound keys are no longer written to config.cfg.
  • Fixed the axe's aiming. It wasn't always correct causing false hits and misses.
  • Added cycle weapon backwards (impulse 12).
  • Picking up a weapon in a backpack uses the same rules as picking up a weapon any other time.
  • Fixed a lot of the obituaries. Many deaths were getting inappropriate messages. There are still a few errors that can occur when reporting projectile obituaries.
  • The lightning gun is never considered your best weapon when you are underwater.
  • You can now bind the semicolon from the menu.
  • CD audio volume doesn't act oddly with certain drives.
  • Timedemo was not showing the timings at the end.
  • Made not being able to write a PCX file a warning instead of a sys_error.
  • Notify what weapon picked up in backpack in addition to ammo.
  • New GUS code: supports GUS Classic & fixed playback rate.
  • Made the size of the zone a command line parameter. You specify -zone followed by a size in KB. The default is 48.
  • Corrected a problem where discharging the lightning gun in water would sometimes leave you in a 'zombie' state. You would be dead, but unable to respawn or restart.
Single-player changes
  • You no longer can kill Shub the wrong way, which would cause Quake to crash.
  • No longer prints "player exited the level" in single player.
Multi-player / server changes
  • Player-names with spaces were listed as "unconnected" on the server.
  • 'Mod_NumForName: <something> not found' when connecting to a server.
  • The server was getting stuck on the Start Level when the 'noexit 1' was set. The following changes/additions have been made:
    • Now, 'timelimit' and/or 'fraglimit' must be set, when 'noexit' is set to '1', or there is no way to exit the level. The server will run through all four episodes (shareware will only play episode 1). The End Level is not included, since it's not a very good Deathmatch level.
    • There is now 'noexit 2'. This WILL allow any player to exit the Start level, but no one can exit any other level. You must have 'fraglimit' and/or 'timelimit' set to use 'noexit 2' also. Essentially this allows the players to choose an episode, but once the first level of that episode starts, they can't exit levels until the 'fraglimit' or 'timelimit' is reached.
  • End Level in Deathmatch will now advance to Start Level, once the 'timelimit' or 'fraglimit' is reached.
  • If a player is dead during a level change, they no longer keep their weapons/ammo, when the next level is started, they start with nothing.
  • Having a percent sign in a chat message will no longer page fault the server you are connected to.
  • Player's cell ammo is not carried over to the Start Level.
  • It is no longer possible to 'kill' secret doors. Previously this would cause the server to crash with a 'host_error'.
  • Added IPX support to Winded (Win32 Dedicated Server).
  • Ranking screen is centered in high resolution modes now.
  • Game drops to console, instead of crashing, when a net game fails to load. These failures are generally due to trying to connect to a server running a level you do not have.
  • Added teamplay 2. It differs from teamplay 1 in two ways. You can hurt teammates (and yourself) and you lose 1 frag for killing a teammate.
  • Fixed a hole where a fake client was able to change cvars and execute Quake console commands on remote servers.
  • 'Showscores' works in total full screen now (no menu bar at all).
  • Doing 'restart' or 'edict' when a server isn't running does not crash.
  • Fixed a lockup when multiplayer was selected, but there were no communications available
  • Spawn and respawn telefrags:
    • When spawning (or respawning) it will now search and find any open start spot, not just blindly go to the next one.
    • You will only telefrag somebody if every single spot is occupied, in which case the last person in gets whacked. This keeps you from getting right back into the rolling telefrags at the start of a level and gives the first players in a chance to get off of the spots.
    • Teleporter telefrags have not been changed.
  • Added 'kick' by number (similar to painting by number, only much more fun) so people with "funny" names can be removed from the server easily. (Bane inadvertently assisted in testing this one) Usage: "kick # <number>", get <number> by using the 'status'command.
  • After selecting a game in the 'Search for local games' list, that is full, Quake no longer drops back to the console, it remains on the local games list screen.
  • The modem code as been tweaked, so modem to modem play should work better.
  • 'Port number' works now, without having to run 'Quake -udpport #'.
    • 'Port number' box on the multiplayer/join game menu works.
    • In the multiplayer/join game menu 'connect to' box, you can type in the IP address followed by the port, separated by a colon. i.e. '' (no quotes)
    • From the console you can type "connect", WITH THE QUOTES (otherwise the parser would pick up the colon as a seperator).
Known problems
  • Classic GUS code not initiating properly; works only after running something that does it right (i.e. a Gravis utility), waiting for Gravis to help.

Version 1.07

Released in February 1997 as part of Quake Mission Pack No.1 - Scourge of Armagon. Includes quake.exe v1.07.

Version 1.08

Released in March 1997 as part of Quake Mission Pack No.2 - Dissolution of Eternity. Includes quake.exe v1.08.

Version 1.09

Released in March 1997 as WinQuake 1.0 and GLQuake 0.97.