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Quake Advent Calendar 2013 - Part 4

Welcome to a Quake-themed Advent Calendar. On 24 days 24 people will showcase something about Quake. Something old, something new, something obscure, something you should check out. Monitor the list on the frontpage to see new posts every day. This is part 4 for the 19th to 24th December. See quake_advent_calendar_2013 for the previous posts.

20th December - quakis

After thinking too much about my contribution, in the end I decided to showcase something a little different for my assigned date and thus present this piece of fan art created specifically for the advent calender. Despite several hours of eye straining work and some glaring issues that could be vastly improved upon, I'm pleased with the final outcome overall. An over confident Ranger picking a risky fight against Mr. Death Knight. Besides, who else can't resist a good ol' axe fight against Quake's bestiary every once in a while? The original idea was to create a short, humorous comic but because of time constraints, a change of plans had to be made to ensure something actually got completed. Having already drawn out two characters for the first panel, it didn't feel right to scrap the work instead opting to develop the scene further beyond my former intentions and expectations. This became quite a learning experience too in fact considering I haven't previously drawn many background settings in other drawings, especially one as detailed as this. Was about a good time than any to push myself, give it a shot and figure things out from there. Hopefully the fans out there will recognise which level has been depicted here!

Quake has stuck with me throughout these years since '97 and hasn't been simply because of the gameplay. There is this fascinating world that had once been crafted which made perfect sense for all the actors on stage performing their roles, while logic and realism is often tossed aside to keep the audience intrigued and asking questions. Ziggurat Vertigo is one setting that instantly springs to mind, along with many other strange contraptions, devices and traps littering each scene to make up the inner workings of a dimension. This is what keeps me coming back for more and once again be immersed within strange environments, soak up the eerie atmosphere and question its ambiguous lore. Even despite the Lovecraftian influences, Quake still offers a distinctive flavour helping to separate itself as an entity of its own, a quality I have trouble finding in many projects inspired by the same work. Yet so much is still left unrevealed and the curtains have only been drawn part way, hiding away other mysteries and unexplored lands that encourages speculation from the minds of many others through creation of their own adventures across a wide array of custom levels. Even to this day we continue trekking through new lands to gun down angry Ogres, wipe Scrag spit off our armour, flee from shock therapy Shamblers and jump through another slipgate into the unknown. What awaits us in Quake during 2014? I definitely look forward to it.

19th December - sock

Quake inspired the hearts and minds of fans in many ways; for some it was the rich diverse atmosphere with blood thirsty monsters and to others it was the intense multiplayer game play with Doom style weapons. There were even fans that customized the game with creative mod/engine updates, but for me, it was all about the Third Dimension!

Nowadays that sounds like a trivial thing, but at the time it was ground breaking, literally! Gone was the fake platform landscapes of Doom and crazy sector hacking, Quake was 3D and the world was truly vertical!

You could look down and see the world below your feet, walk under and over structures, feel the sensation of height as you peered over the edge of cliffs into the abyss. Something so simple, but yet had such a big impact on how the player moved throughout the environment.

I still play the original id maps and I love the feeling of how the landscapes were designed to make you look up at towering castle facades or look down into the depths of giant lakes of water wondering what architectural wonders are longing to be discovered.

For the past couple of months I have been creating a new Quake map called “The Horde of Zendar” which is based on a large city layout with high roof tops to run across and look down upon the cobbled streets below. The map is about trying to capture the vertical essence of Quake, the desire to climb and explore the world while dealing with the minions of Chthon!