Thoughts on how to add mods to the site

You are welcome to add your own thoughts. Please sign them.

  1. Keep the idgames2 directory structure as it is. This requires the filepath/location to be a field in the database. Newer mods will go into one big messy directory. Alternatively the idgames2 stuff could be put into that dir, with just the old original location being a static field. — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  2. Use tags to organise everything. — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  3. Use the old multiplayer map code for this? — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  4. More than one screenshot should be possible. Maybe a number_of_screenshots field and the files being named $zipname_X.jpg. — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  5. What about Darkplaces or FTEQW exclusive mods? What about standalone games? Generally I want them. But also the DP ones? No. Definitely not Nexuiz and Xonotic. But some others would be great. — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  6. How to measure the amount/scope of a mod? The old partial/total conversion issue. & (oh poop, the webarchive of quaddicted is bollocks) — Spirit 2012/08/06 11:17
  7. From/with Spike: "new gameplay", "new levels" and then have partial and total as categories for the "new gameplay" mods. This seems to work just fine with tags. Random ones: maps:new, (maps:stock), gameplay:new, gameplay:id1, gameplay:partiallydifferentwithsprinkles, mod:total, mod:partial, mod:minor, mod:fixes, mod:fish etc. Then the listing could be split into different subpages by them.
  8. - That would even work for engine specific stuff: engine:fteqw, requirement:something, dependency:something — Spirit 2013/08/05 20:59
  9. - It would also support having a "deprecated" tag for previous releases (see quoth, its, ivory etc). -Spirit