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Screenshot of ad_blasphemy
Title:Oozing Blasphemy (7ee416af1d7df6eced8176508f3a963c)
Filesize:12539 Kilobytes
Release date:14.02.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_blasphemy.txt4 KB16.02.2022
maps/ad_blasphemy.bsp28438 KB16.02.2022
maps/ad_blasphemy.lit7042 KB16.02.2022
sound/ambience/machloop.wav112 KB29.12.2021
sound/ambience/wat_cave.wav115 KB16.08.2008
sound/ambience/watfall-zoth.wav236 KB16.04.2021
sound/dguard/death1.wav30 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/death2.wav43 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/fire.wav60 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/hit.wav39 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/idle.wav21 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/pain1.wav11 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/pain2.wav15 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/sight1.wav18 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/sight2.wav18 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/sight3.wav20 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/sight4.wav20 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/slash.wav23 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/slhit.wav32 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/slmiss1.wav11 KB21.09.2021
sound/dguard/slmiss2.wav14 KB21.09.2021
sound/dlord/death.wav32 KB21.09.2021
sound/dlord/idle.wav10 KB21.09.2021
sound/dlord/pain.wav9 KB21.09.2021
sound/dlord/sight.wav28 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/laser.wav10 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/nail.wav14 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/widle1.wav32 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/widle2.wav32 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/wpain.wav20 KB21.09.2021
sound/sentinel/wsight.wav27 KB21.09.2021

Oozing Blasphemy

Large challenging dark industrial runic map with 16 secrets and custom sounds, built for Arcane Dimensions 1.81 (NOT included).

"... Real wickedness is something that bleeds through spacetime, when it tears at the fabric of reality, discharging its obscene effluvium: oozing blasphemy."

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.

Tags: large, industrial, runic, boss, secrets, arcane, ad, limits, bsp2, arcanedimensions

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User Rating:
4.6/5 with 50 ratings
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fairweather Registered 25 February 2022, 9:51

Stellar map, was really impressed with the sense of scale and unique visual elements. Gameplay felt a bit rough at times, and there were a couple of bugs, but nothing immense that ruined the map. Fun final fight as well.

Zothique Registered 25 February 2022, 22:48

This version has no known bugs! if you are referring to the couple of details you found in the other version, they were fixed!

4LT Registered 26 February 2022, 2:59

This map was not released yesterday; the news posts QM and func_ were dated the 14th, and I KNOW I played this over a week ago.

4LT Registered 26 February 2022, 3:01

Actually I might be thinking of an earlier release, where the filename was titled ""

radiatoryang Registered 26 February 2022, 3:16

Oh oops, fixed the date, sorry.

radiatoryang Registered 26 February 2022, 3:16

Oh oops, fixed the date, sorry.

Mac Registered 26 February 2022, 5:48

This is an epic! Playing on Hard and it's taking forever but too late to stop now...

Alex Ros Registered 26 February 2022, 10:25

Simply one of the best maps available. In Top 100 of all time maps since 97 for sure. Must-play 100%

SharpEyeJoe Registered 27 February 2022, 3:54


Johnny Law Registered 2 March 2022, 17:50

Excellent batting average in your releases so far. :-) This one is a top-notch adventure in the "gradually unlock this giant space" genre. Lots of good stuff going on here, but I'll mention just a couple of things:

  • Good job making a fun fight that employs the annoying fire-magic thingy ("wraith" I guess?). Having the pools there to duck into is great, of course along with a selection of ground-bound monsters to pressure you. And the crusher trap is fun to use on the big knights.

  • The end battle is pretty good! Always hard to stick the landing with a Quake boss battle, but no real complaints about this one.

A super-polished release that any fan of big spooky runic maps should play.

Shikadi Registered 5 March 2022, 22:59

Pretty nice map. A lot of vertical usage, jumps on sight, balanced enemy count each battle. Many deaths but sometimes in the "meme" way. Great boss fight (thanks to saving that Quad Damage till the end). 13 Secrets at first run on Skill 4. Some details I've found in my run:

· In the Final Boss, some Scargs spawned below the floor. I killed them when their heads were clipping on the floor, but took a little before they went up.

· I like a lot the idea of a "secret shorcut" to beat the map faster. I found it while searching a little for secrets after beating the boss (that's ok), but If I had used it before, the map would have lost some of the spice.

Overall good map, 4/5. Recommended.

MittensForKittens Registered 13 March 2022, 1:25

This is an outstanding effort in terms of atmosphere, design, and gameplay. It retains the classic Quake aesthetic while incorporating visual elements unique to this map. Given its length, it is an extraordinarily cohesive experience that culminates in a solidly designed boss battle.

Additionally, I am always a fan of environmental storytelling and this incorporated that nicely through the use of PDAs. If there is a subsequent release of Arcane Dimensions, this should absolutely be included in it. Must-play Quake right here.

Visuals - 5/5 Atmosphere - 5/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Difficulty - 5/5 MittensForKittens' Rating - 5/5

AllisonChains Registered 15 March 2022, 20:36

An absolutely outstanding map! The unique theme and sense of scale really help it to stand apart from so many others. The entire layout is a joy to unlock, with clever shortcuts (and secrets) throughout.

Jehannum Registered 16 March 2022, 21:41

For me, this is about as good as they get. And AD is just like the best icing on the cake. This one definitely goes on my replay list.

Thanks for a great gift!

Code Tripper Registered 23 March 2022, 9:11

Loved this map, a real unique style emerging. Just great!

codex Registered 12 April 2022, 23:56

Great visuals, storytelling and atmosphere!

dradorb Registered 25 May 2022, 18:00

Great map. Visually impressive + nice storytelling (which is rare in Quake maps).

The first minutes in this map are amazing (visuals, pda's, first encounters). Though, big fights at the end are a little less fun imho.

I got a little lost before finding the rune. (PDA's were very helpful btw).

Difficulty is well-balanced. Played on hard. Secrets: 11/16. Length: 47:00 min.

One of the best AD map so far!

Visuals 5/5 Combat 4/5 Narrative 5/5

Overall 4/5

Mateyy Registered 10 July 2022, 0:17

Absolutely amazing map! Oozing with atmosphere and extremally diverse and surprisingly easy to remember where you've been. 5 from me! Just wished I'd have gotten the thunderbolt a bit sooner, but no biggie. I think this is one of the best AD maps I've ever played, and I think I've played almost all of them.

makt Registered 8 August 2022, 23:06

Really well made map. I enjoyed every second of it. Loved the boss fight at the end, was very well paced and smartly done. Played it on skill 3 and it felt just right.

ByronPoet Registered 9 August 2022, 14:32

First review I've made and I want to say that I am absolutely blown away by the quality of maps this community has and continues to make. This is yet another great example of superb storytelling through the environment. The short blurbs you receive from the previous Ranger's logs are also well written, and your goal becomes quite clear as you start deep down within this facility and climb your way to its topmost parts before delving down to the bottom for the climactic showdown. Played on Skill 1 as I'm not well versed in the difficulty of Quake. It was well balanced and I never felt that I was without recourse, though I did run low on ammo a few times, but never completely without.

Lastly, great job encapsulating that distressing, menacing, disgusting kind of lovecraftian horror. Fantastic map. Gave you 5/5 Super excited to play more maps by you!

MikeTaylor Registered 10 August 2022, 18:31

I'm late to this party, but I will add my voice to the chorus of praise. This is just top quality stuff: beautiful to look at, fascinating to explore, brutal to fight through -- everything that Arcane Dimensions is. I finished on 271/276 kills, with no idea where the last five critters are; and with 13 of the 16 secrets. And I beat Chthon by a cowardly method -- rocket-jumping into a pipe, then sniping him from there till he was dead and mopping up all the other monsters afterwards. This is one that I will definitely return to.

Party Boy Registered 26 December 2022, 17:38

Excellent map with good sense of scale and atmosphere, lots of verticality, enough ammo, I was cheeky killed several times and I'm not even mad about it...

5 stars, played in Skill 3

anon Guest 30 December 2022, 21:16

Enjoyed every second playing this map. Well done

Rez Guest 11 April 2023, 22:36

Wonderful stuff.

This map felt oppressive and very creepy, it captures that lovely feeling of somewhere you're really not supposed to be that you'd expect from a good Quake level. The little detail of you clearly not being the first Ranger here and using the logs of the previous explorers to aid progression was a nice touch too. As was the story of a unsealing the sealed evil so you can kill it for good (even if it turned out to be Chthon again!)

Highlights included that cheeky Shambler ambush, where I thought I could sneak past him only for the mapper to know you'd try that and teleport him into your face; using the lift in that arena to crush that Champion sniping you on the spikes (which also helpfully tells you to not use that lift for now) and finding out the final fight was literally right next door to the starting area. The weird offhand quip about a Shambler's weight also got a smile out of me.

I'll be adding this one to my favourites.

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