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Screenshot of aes_lrod
Title:Lightning Rod + (1517c11762d33c222579f4c568240f5d)
Filesize:20800 Kilobytes
Release date:08.01.2023
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
aes_lrod.txt4 KB08.01.2023
smp/README.md2 KB07.01.2023
smp/gfx/conback.lmp251 KB23.11.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4bk.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4dn.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4ft.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4lf.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4rt.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/env/sky_day4up.tga4097 KB12.05.2022
smp/gfx/qplaque.lmp5 KB23.11.2022
smp/maps/aes_lrod.bsp3974 KB08.01.2023
smp/maps/aes_lrod.lit1938 KB08.01.2023
smp/maps/aes_lrod.map4176 KB08.01.2023
smp/music/track35.mp36059 KB31.12.2022
smp/progs.dat331 KB07.01.2023
smp/smp.fgd20 KB07.01.2023
smp/smp_readme.txt4 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/ai.qc15 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/amtest.qc2 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/boss.qc13 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/buttons.qc3 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/changelog.txt4 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/client.qc40 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/combat.qc8 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/defs.qc19 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/demon.qc11 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/dog.qc11 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/doors.qc19 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/enforcer.qc12 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/fight.qc7 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/fish.qc9 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/flag.qc1 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/hknight.qc19 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/items.qc42 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/jctest.qc1 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/knight.qc10 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/misc.qc17 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/models.qc9 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/monsters.qc10 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/ogre.qc16 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/oldone.qc10 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/plats.qc8 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/player.qc19 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/progs.src1 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/shalrath.qc9 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/shambler.qc14 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/soldier.qc11 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/spawn.qc9 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/sprites.qc1 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/subs.qc8 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/triggers.qc18 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/weapons.qc27 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/wizard.qc11 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/world.qc12 KB07.01.2023
smp/src/zombie.qc21 KB07.01.2023

Lightning Rod +

Small industrial cr8 base level, an update of a previous version for SM222 - Towers. Uses SMP (already included). Custom music by the author. Map source is included.

There's no custom start map; load manually via console: "map aes_lrod"

"Visuals are better, lights are using radiosity, the sunlight angle was moved down, and the top deck has been improved considerably. I playtested all difficulties, it's very beatable on all 4, and the difficulty spike at the end is less pronounced."

Tags: small, base, industrial, cr8, smp, source, music, skybox

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User Rating:
3.8/5 with 11 ratings
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The_Pirate Registered 10 February 2023, 19:28

Very good map.

I don't really see much difference to the SM222 - version, but then again, i'm very impressed with the amount and quality of work that our dear speedmappers are able to create.

Excellent little map. Thanks for sharing!

Alex Ros Registered 11 February 2023, 0:17

It's totally better than Power Structure, so I see it as evolvement. Which is best thing that can be happening with anyone. Compact, fun encounters, visually polished, inventive. What else to wish for. So hail!

Cocerello Registered 7 April 2023, 16:12

Played on skill 1 and 2, with and without the skybox and music. Killed all and found 1 out of 2 secrets.

Small and short base level, with very linear and spring shaped layout, very boxy rooms with lots of details and trims, coherent theme and looks, good lighting and use of subtle fog, difficulty below id maps, save for the last fight there is almost no difference between skill levels, has very simple and straightforward combats, ammo around or lower id maps in quantity, and suitable music.

The map stands out due to the looks which while not mind breaking are good and solid even if they rely in adding repeated details to hide how simple the brushwork is, but the gameplay save for the last encounter is very basic and its easy to snipe or render half useless several enemies. On the other side, the map is mostly solid and has no big issues. The skybox and custom music, while good and suitable to the map, do not add anything or are integral to the map or is the map any dependent on them so they can be deleted with no changes.

Compared with the previous version as a jam map, it has changed a bit in looks and in helping the Shambler make more sense in its presentation.


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