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Screenshot of coldlight_1_2
Author:Addy / TheADrain
Title:Cold Light v1.2 (fbbf4eecbb8aed33e79706c6f101e042)
Filesize:41819 Kilobytes
Release date:13.01.2023
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m1.bsp5451 KB31.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m1.lit1074 KB31.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m1.map2404 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m2.bsp7014 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m2.lit2554 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m2.map4326 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m3.bsp8558 KB12.01.2023
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m3.lit2057 KB12.01.2023
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m3.map4869 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m4.bsp57875 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m4.lit16650 KB30.12.2022
coldlight_1_2/addy_cl_m4.map65820 KB01.01.2023
coldlight_1_2/readme.txt2 KB12.01.2023

Cold Light v1.2

(This pack won't work in Quake Injector and must be manually installed. Move all files to the root of id1/maps/)

Four (4) map episode with a variety of medieval / wizard / runic themes in a classic style, made for vanilla Quake. Some levels are rather non-linear and large. Map source is included.

"On the trail of a powerful necromancer who plans to use the ever-hungry nothingness that occupies the void to consume our realm, you must fight your way through the void to find and destroy the necromancer's stronghold, the forbidden library Librum Malefactorium. Good luck, Ranger!"

Warning: there is one known soft-lock bug on map #2 addy_cl_m2: "do NOT go near the lift wall in the final arena room or you will get teleported back behind a locked door" -Greenwood

Note: run these levels with "-protocol 999" in the command line. You'll need a modern engine / source port with protocol 999 support.

Tags: large, episode, medieval, wizard, runic, castle, city, vanilla, classic, id1, source, limits

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4.3/5 with 16 ratings
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mellotronworker Registered 10 February 2023, 18:50

Brilliant - destined to be an absolute classic, I reckon.

Jehannum Registered 10 February 2023, 21:58

I had a great time playing this episode on skill 2. This updated version makes all the difference in the gameplay of map 3 because of the lighting.

Map 4 was a real visual treat. Great brushwork and consistancy throughout with some very cool, and unusual constructions to navigate along the way.

That each map can be played as a stand-alone level is an added bonus. I played it all the way though as an episide and then each map starting from scratch.

Bravo and thank you for sharing your work with us!

Alex Ros Registered 11 February 2023, 0:13

Tru vanilla experience. It's not perfect as let's say UDOB and PUN. But still extremely impressive & memorable experience. It starts plainly with a little 15 minutes map. Reminded me a bit of DOMA Astrologers starting map with all those floating stones in void & platforming. But even next map starts to show up exclusive leaning toward non-linear approach rarely seen in anything vanilla. Intricate cave system with multiple routes - 2nd map I mean. And 3rd map is the shiny diamond of it all! It's open big medieval city with no hand-holding, while goals are always clear and at least I never felt confused where to go, what to do. It's like Nameless City but nice non-ugly and actually feels like city. Tons of areas just for exploration, where you can get some extra armor or some other goodie. 4th map is gigantic. To the point it felt a bit tedious. But still it's veeery impressive

In general episode tries to be inventive with encounters. My absolute favourite is with cages near RL - when you will appear there, you will understand

Visuals are kinda vanilla. Simplictic and blocky - not even close as blocky as '97 maps, no, it's modern blocky. But at times some specific places look extremely outstanding. Final map especially. Jaw dropping moments are all there

Must-play! Will be waiting for next map or episode from the author

Ninja Registered 11 February 2023, 21:27

I have a glitch in "addyclm4" Go round a certain hall corner, and all walls and floors vanish, with just enemy left,if i back track all is ok, but everytime i turn that corner everything just vanishes, its un'playable, using quakespasm 95.1

Ninja Registered 11 February 2023, 21:38

Solved problem i didnt use -protocol 999 command "Duh Me"

The_Pirate Registered 12 February 2023, 11:18

This doesen't happen very often. I'm stuck for words.

Nice little four-map episode. One thinks.

Start the first one... Ok, this mapper has developed a bit since his first... good.

The second one... The mapper has developed quite a bit! Nice. But stll quite '90ies mapping...

The third.... Wow, this mapper is certainly growing fast!

The fourth... MindBlown_!

I had to do five attempts to get through this one. On the second or third, same problem as Ninja - i could have kicked myself!

On the fourth, i had to disassemble my PC and strap a extra cooling fan nto my poor little 2Gb naturally aspirated (in this case unnaturally asphyxiated) graphics card - that usually handles everything else, hands down.

This is quite something. Go try for yourselves.

Addy - thanks for your work, and thanks for sharing. It is very far between mappers with a personal development curve like the one you have shown. I salute you.

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