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Screenshot of copper_v1_19
Title:Copper - Version 1.19 (5a0b3e29cec144d0fe20ba3682588772)
Filesize:3455 Kilobytes
Release date:01.07.2022
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
copper/copper.def99 KB01.07.2022
copper/copper.fgd49 KB01.07.2022
copper/copper_v1_19.txt86 KB01.07.2022
copper/mapdb.json2 KB25.08.2021
copper/pak0.pak4129 KB01.07.2022
copper/progs.dat532 KB01.07.2022
copper/quake.rc2 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/ai.qc35 KB05.03.2022
copper/src/buttons.qc7 KB31.10.2021
copper/src/client.qc47 KB01.07.2022
copper/src/combat.qc17 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/constants.qc9 KB01.07.2022
copper/src/defs.qc17 KB29.06.2022
copper/src/dev.qc7 KB12.06.2022
copper/src/doors.qc31 KB29.06.2022
copper/src/explobox.qc7 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/fly.qc6 KB12.06.2022
copper/src/fog.qc11 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/fx.qc25 KB14.11.2021
copper/src/impulse.qc6 KB25.08.2021
copper/src/item_backpack.qc9 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/item_health_armor.qc8 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/item_keys_runes.qc10 KB29.06.2022
copper/src/item_powerups.qc8 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/item_weap_ammo.qc14 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/items.qc26 KB27.08.2021
copper/src/lights.qc28 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/m_boss.qc16 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/m_demon.qc19 KB01.07.2022
copper/src/m_dog.qc12 KB20.06.2021
copper/src/m_enforcer.qc13 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_fish.qc11 KB05.07.2021
copper/src/m_hknight.qc20 KB13.11.2021
copper/src/m_knight.qc12 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/m_ogre.qc18 KB30.10.2021
copper/src/m_oldone.qc13 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/m_shalrath.qc13 KB14.11.2021
copper/src/m_shambler.qc17 KB01.07.2022
copper/src/m_soldier.qc13 KB30.10.2021
copper/src/m_tarbaby.qc11 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/m_wizard.qc12 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_zombie.qc25 KB31.07.2021
copper/src/maths.qc6 KB08.11.2020
copper/src/meat.qc6 KB20.11.2021
copper/src/misc.qc20 KB01.07.2022
copper/src/monsters.qc19 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/plats.qc28 KB12.06.2022
copper/src/player.qc19 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/progs.src2 KB10.09.2020
copper/src/projectiles.qc16 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/qc2def.py2 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/qc2fgd.py3 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/shooters.qc13 KB15.06.2022
copper/src/sound.qc14 KB31.07.2021
copper/src/subs.qc3 KB01.11.2021
copper/src/subs_move.qc5 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/subs_tgt.qc13 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/t_ctrl.qc17 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/t_level.qc15 KB06.01.2022
copper/src/t_tele.qc18 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/t_void.qc16 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/test.qc1 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/triggers.qc34 KB27.11.2021
copper/src/utility.qc17 KB14.06.2022
copper/src/w_axe.qc4 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/w_lightning.qc10 KB28.06.2021
copper/src/w_nails.qc5 KB13.11.2021
copper/src/w_rockets.qc4 KB04.07.2021
copper/src/w_shotguns.qc5 KB19.08.2021
copper/src/walls.qc10 KB31.07.2021
copper/src/weapons.qc12 KB20.08.2021
copper/src/world.qc13 KB29.06.2022

Copper - Version 1.19

Updated version of popular rebalance mod Copper. Best paired with the classic Underdark Overbright (pictured here).

Since the past major KEXQuake 2021 remaster compatibility update of v1.17, most of the new recent changes are small tweaks, improved mapper features, and bug fixes. The biggest gameplay change is probably from v1.18, where gibbed grunts and ogres now drop ammo.

Mod source is included.

Tags: copper, qc, base, devkit

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4.9/5 with 27 ratings
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Jehannum Registered 14 July 2022, 21:12

Thanks for the update!

Michael Guest 14 July 2022, 23:28

Gibbed enemies shouldn't drop items. I like Copper, but can we toggle this option? It takes a degree of strategy out i think. Thanks

NoNameUser Registered 15 July 2022, 0:48

Usually the best solution is to do these changes yourself, if you know how to do it, which, to be honest is a bit of a pain in the ass compared to using SLADE for Doom engine games. 😩

JohnDoe Guest 15 July 2022, 4:00

Michaels right, gibbed enemies don't drop items.

Mazu Registered 15 July 2022, 7:01

This update saved my SM219 map with the monster behavior changes so thanks for that! Seems like SM219 is still not here, it is a good demo for new copper version. Get it from discord or slipseer.

Jugador Registered 16 July 2022, 16:42

Does this fix the bug with the imprecise zoom aim?

Markie Registered 16 July 2022, 19:18


Bugs that don't get reported don't get fixed.

Jugador Registered 17 July 2022, 23:19

I reported it in a comment section like this one from a previous release. What is the proper way to report bugs?

FifthElephant Registered 22 July 2022, 23:32


I would report any bugs to the github -

h4724 Registered 23 July 2022, 13:39

@Michael Copper avoids optional changes. It's better to commit to changes so that designers always know how things will behave.

As for this specific change, I completely disagree. If you're gibbing an enemy you're already technically wasting ammo. There's absolutely no reason to punish the player further for that, when you actually want them to gib enemies because it's more fun. Avoiding gibs can also be unreliable due to the way damage is calculated. Ammo drops are severely nerfed in Copper anyway, so this partly serves as a counterbalance to that.

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