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Screenshot of fortress_1_1
Author:Addy / TheADrain
Title:Fortress Interior (ce85a7d3d325aaf3637eff2978cbd0ce)
Filesize:4145 Kilobytes
Release date:09.01.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
fortress_1_1.bsp6249 KB09.01.2022
fortress_1_1.lit2534 KB09.01.2022
fortress_1_1.map7078 KB09.01.2022
readme.txt2 KB09.01.2022

Fortress Interior

Large classic-style mountain base map. Map source is included.

"This is my first single player map, I really hope you enjoy it :) I would love any feedback on the design!"

Note: probably requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, base, classic, idbase, source, limits, debut

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3.9/5 with 24 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 18 August 2022, 16:28

Very nice map design, I like it! Some commentary though... if you fall off into the ravine, you are teleported to the second bridge; if you fell off at the first bridge you miss a bunch of fighting. Also, some of the ogres seem to have spawned too close to the wall and cannot move around. Otherwise quite good for a first map!

Jehannum Registered 18 August 2022, 20:55

Very nice map, especially given it's the author's first. I played this on skill 2 and I did feel like health and ammo were too plentiful and that the enemy encounters could have been more difficult.

Overall, great job! I'll be looking forward to your next project, and thank you for sharing with us!

Ninja Registered 19 August 2022, 0:41

Played on skill 3, great map, a lot of room searching, for dreaded red buttons lol but got to give it 5/5, really enjoyed the map, like it was ID made

The_Pirate Registered 25 August 2022, 20:09

Another new mapper? Welcome aboard!

I really enjoyed this map. Classic Quake - but still with some new ideas...and a couple that seems to hark back to Doom! And with better texture alignment than ID did!

All in all... very well done. Absolutely decent brushwork, modest use of coloured lights, very good mood-setting (even though it is a bit short of background sound effects) decent monster placement and so on. Here and there, there is room to play a bit more with lighting, but that is nitpicking on my behalf.

The brainwork behind the map is decent too - good planning, restraint, sticking to the 'base map' concept, and a not too linear path through it all.

Very playable. Very enjoyable. Please carry on mapping Addy - and thanks for your effort, thanks for sharing!

Bonn is nice Registered 3 September 2022, 1:30


I liked this map a lot! Good gameplay, and nice arenas.

However i have to say that the aesthetic needed a little more polish. It was great that the eniviroment were different from each other (i really liked the lobby area with the wooden desk, and the relic room before the gold key) alas, some were just really simple corridors. In my opinion a few additional support beams here or there would have been right at home.

As for a first map, it made a great impression on me! i hope to see more maps from the author soon!

rchavp Registered 8 September 2022, 23:43

Awesome map 5/5. Very enjoyable gameplay.

Three suggestions: 1. Try no to use invisible clip walls if what you want is to prevent the user from moving somewhere. It breaks a bit the illusion and feels restrictive. Add some "real" solid barriers instead like beams or fences. 2. Try to add a bit more non linearity, like in the second part of the mao where you can choose where to go first. The first part was kinda of just one way to go. Not that it needs too much of this, though. 3. Like others said, I played in Hard and found plenty of health and ammo.

Good job!

Andrew Registered 28 September 2022, 18:53

Very good level. There are several overlays of wall textures and moving objects such as doors. I really liked the sound of nearby battles between Marines and monsters. It's just a pity that there are no bodies of dead monsters or marines on the level after the battles. It would look more spectacular.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 February 2023, 2:45

This is a really nice debut, a proper old-school base map with strong ID vibes. The progression is mostly clear, and the only real exception is where you have a choice of which order to undertake two sub-quests, which is not very clearly signposted. My only real criticism is that the ID vibes extend to original ID1-level difficulty, in which "Hard" is pretty easy. The map feels underpopulated and over-provisioned. I could have done with meatier challenge. Still, really nice work and I'm keen to see what Addy does next.

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