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Screenshot of handuo_stepwell
Title:The Stepwell (91d5a88489614def6883aa89f442c1b2)
Filesize:6256 Kilobytes
Release date:05.11.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
__MACOSX/._handuo_stepwell1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/._.DS_Store1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/._gfx1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/._handuo_stepwell_readme.txt1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/._maps1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/._.DS_Store1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/._env1 KB05.11.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._.DS_Store1 KB20.08.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_bk.tga1 KB06.07.2004
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_dn.tga1 KB18.08.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_ft.tga1 KB06.07.2004
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_lf.tga1 KB06.07.2004
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_rt.tga1 KB06.07.2004
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/._dragonfire_reverse_up.tga1 KB18.08.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/maps/._.DS_Store1 KB21.08.2022
__MACOSX/handuo_stepwell/maps/._handuo_stepwell.map1 KB02.11.2022
handuo_stepwell/.DS_Store7 KB05.11.2022
handuo_stepwell/gfx/.DS_Store7 KB05.11.2022
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/.DS_Store7 KB20.08.2022
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_bk.tga639 KB06.07.2004
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_dn.tga999 KB18.08.2022
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_ft.tga571 KB06.07.2004
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_lf.tga724 KB06.07.2004
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_rt.tga565 KB06.07.2004
handuo_stepwell/gfx/env/dragonfire_reverse_up.tga282 KB18.08.2022
handuo_stepwell/handuo_stepwell_readme.txt3 KB05.11.2022
handuo_stepwell/maps/.DS_Store7 KB21.08.2022
handuo_stepwell/maps/handuo_stepwell.bsp10165 KB02.11.2022
handuo_stepwell/maps/handuo_stepwell.map3600 KB02.11.2022

The Stepwell

Small temple map with Makkon textures for Arcane Dimensions v1.81+ (NOT included). Map source is included. The author's first release.

This file will not load in Quake Injector and requires manual installation.

Note: AD probably requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: small, temple, water, ad, source, limits, debut

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3.5/5 with 23 ratings
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The_Pirate Registered 20 November 2022, 15:08

This is nice - especially for a first map.

Here and there it's a bit repetitive (e.g. the come-to-life statues), but the architecture, secrets and riddles are some nice touches.

I hope to see more from this mapper in the future; thanks for the effort, and thanks for sharing!

Jehannum Registered 20 November 2022, 18:41

Very nice for a first map. Hoping to see more from this author, especially AD maps.

Thank you for sharing with us!

whatisquake Registered 27 November 2022, 21:29

Again, very nice first map! I think the only thing I would change is that the enemies stuck on platforms aren't much of a threat. Some wall art like murals would also be nice - but I'm really being picky here, because I think the mapper has that attention to detail.

Gioyo3aa Registered 13 March 2023, 15:45

It does load in the injector, but then I've found a pointless secret underwater --- an empty secret area. Bug? Oversight?

whirlstr Registered 19 March 2023, 6:24

Visuals are definitely nice, but copy-pasted too much. Didnt enjoy the gameplay / level design, very repetitive. And the beginning is so scarce on ammo and maneuverability that it feels like survival horror. I ended up sequence breaking to the end fight by using the jump boots to jump over the silver key bars, not sure if thats intentional.

MikeTaylor Registered 23 May 2023, 13:03

I enjoyed this one a lot: it's a nice example of how to get a lot of gameplay out of relatively little space, and I wonder if it's a 1024^3 map. It's also a nice reminder of how Arcane Dimensions makes everything better. Everything is just that little bit more brutal and satisfying than in Vanilla Quake (or Quoth, or Copper, or progs.dump). I didn't mind the symmetry of the gameplay, and I found the lack of ammo a well-judged challenge.

My only problem really came right at the end. When I had all kills but one, and had cleared out the arena with all the vores in cubby-holes, I pressed all four buttons on the central pillar but the bars blocking the exit still didn't withdraw. What am I missing?

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