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Screenshot of idcsp1.6
Author:Jénilson Martins Da Silva
Title:Interdimensional Castle (72116e712bacaa2599b9199f057cf3aa)
Filesize:3627 Kilobytes
Release date:19.10.2022
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_bk.tga471 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_dn.tga746 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_ft.tga479 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_lf.tga492 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_rt.tga487 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/ares_up.tga104 KB26.06.2002
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_bk.tga215 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_dn.tga89 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_ft.tga233 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_lf.tga287 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_rt.tga287 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/gfx/env/predator_up.tga453 KB15.07.2004
idcsp1.6/icdsp1.txt3 KB19.10.2022
idcsp1.6/idcsp1.map1838 KB19.10.2022
idcsp1.6/maps/idcsp1.bsp4071 KB19.10.2022

Interdimensional Castle

Small medieval blue castle level made for vanilla Quake. The author's first release. Difficulty settings are not implemented. Map source is included.

"This a single player map I made as a student project for school set in a medieval era gothic castle, inspired by Quake. It's a small sized map that lasts ~4-6 minutes where Ranger is up against a dimension-shambler who is transporting enemies into our world, gathering an army. With the bridge broken, the only way into the castle is through the caves, into the dungeon with horrors awaiting you..."

Tags: small, medieval, vanilla, castlevania, gothic, source, debut

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