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Screenshot of nullbear2v12
Title:Null Bearing Redux v1.2 (5456bf1c4cd533e00c7af3372390f4ec)
Filesize:27772 Kilobytes
Release date:30.09.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/jajsundown1_bk.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_dn.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_ft.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_lf.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_rt.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_up.tga769 KB09.11.2003
maps/nullbear2.bsp59442 KB30.09.2022
maps/nullbear2.lit6806 KB30.09.2022
maps/nullbear2.map12785 KB30.09.2022
nullbear2.txt4 KB30.09.2022
progs/candle.mdl24 KB24.07.2020
progs/misc_seaweed.mdl16 KB09.01.2016
progs/misc_seaweed2.mdl94 KB04.10.2016
sound/rumble.wav52 KB24.07.2020

Null Bearing Redux v1.2

Large industrial dock-themed map with lots of exploration, using Makkon and MG1 textures. This is an updated overhaul / redesign of the author's previous release Null Bearing (2020). Map source is included.

Version 1.2 re-enables infighting and makes some encounters less brutal.

Requires Alkaline 1.1+ (NOT included).

"12 red squid statues have been - moderately - hidden throughout the map. Break them all to gain access to the super secret. [...] Some fights can be initiated from different vantage points, some of them advantageous."

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, industrial, base, water, ship, warehouse, explore, makkon, mg1, source, limits

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3.6/5 with 13 ratings
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Vasya shkolnik Guest 6 October 2022, 22:19

Infight enabled, that's great!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 7 October 2022, 23:39

Now looks like ladders are broken. How to climb ladders in this version?

Vasya shkolnik Guest 7 October 2022, 23:42

Sorry, I run map without alkaline. All works fine!

Ninja Registered 11 October 2022, 12:33

Its probley me being stupid, but i prefer the version before, its more insane & more enemy to deal with,other version gets your heart pumping faster lol lol

ComfyByTheFire Registered 27 April 2023, 10:26

This map is a hoot and a half. There's so much fantastic brushwork, and I particularly like the wealth of intricate details on all the electronics - everything feels like it would really run and function the way it should, from generators to distilleries. It's quite clear that a lot of care went into this. Encounters are quite challenging, and there are some tricky ambushes where things can pop out of nowhere, but it's still quite fun - it's best to take things slow and study the environment/see what powerups you can take to help you, which suits the map quite well. I've played both versions of the map, and Alkaline definitely fits, given the more technological focus. The secrets were all fun to find, and I love the general motif of statue hunting for a super secret. While it doesn't have the lore PDAs of Zbidou72's other maps, it's still placed within the same shared universe by the secret ending, which I found super fun. All-in-all, this map is awesome!

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